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  1. gj ncsoft

    You must honestly suck at PVP if even need to attempt getting gear that high,and pay to win right there,what did you do get the item restored on separate alts when they explode like most pay2win bads. It's player's like you that ruined any form of fun and competitive pvp, baddys that cant win via skill only their wallets.And dont bother saying havent spent anything cause you just make yourself look even more foolish.
  2. gj ncsoft

    Paying isnt winning??? Rigtio so the average player with +10/15 gear and lower accessorys can totally compete against people in full sets of gear +20 and +7 accessorys,who mind you have multiple sets like that. And this game isn't healthy im sorry you fail too see that,and if ncsoft shutdown every alt and bot account we would really see how empty aion is. Im sorry for you that you feel the need to defend these things and are obviously a spender yourself despite denying it,as i said the sooner nc korea realises this direction is not healthy for the game the better,i have no issue with gear via luna or event's. I just am sick and tired of pvp bads in +20 gear constantly saying they arent pay2win when they clearly are,at least be honest about it the playerbase knows who pays2win and buys accounts and hacks, scams and yet they still deny it only making themselves look even more stupid in the process. I'm subbing back to wow anyways least for my 15 dollars i can VS people evenly and lose cause of my mistakes,not cause some baddy opens their wallet to get high level gear enchants and plumes bracelets etc.I dont even know why all you pay2wins even bother playing you zerg asmos,sit around illuma dueling thinking your pros and arent very good at pvp anyways.
  3. gj ncsoft

    Dont bother arguing with john,they like to make out how easy it is to get geared without paying,when most sane player's know with RNG and exploding gear this isnt the case,unless you live in moms basement and play this game 24/7 with multiple accounts you aren't getting anywhere. The sooner Nc korea realises tempering and gear higher than +15 is a bad idea the better,this game may not be dead yet but it will be in a year or 2 at the most cant rely on whale's forever.Player's want fun,we dont enjoy midless grinds to max level,we dont enjoy exploding gear,we are sick and tired of pay2wins in there +20 gears and +7 or higher accessorys,please wake up ncsoft and go back to the days of fun and egaging content and gearing not mindless grinds and opening wallets to win. It's very clear your current model doesnt make player's stay cause otherwise we wouldnt be down too 2 servers,aion is dying sorry but it is dying, healthy games have hundreds of thousands playing or millions,aion has huge potential but the morons in charge have zero idea on marketing this game to western or eu markets,what works in korea clearly doesnt work here,what is it 9 years and you still cant work it out,never seen such a failure company. And when servers do eventually close ill have a gold old chuckle at all the bads that pumped 50k+ into a game cause they couldnt win any other way.

    It really doesn't matter if a company is Us,korean,british or any nationality for that matter.If you wish to build a successful game with millions or hundreds of thousands of player's you have to treat their concerns with some integrity,honesty and desire to improve the relations between publisher and playerbase. Aion as iv'e always stated had and still does have great potential but is ineptly run and manged by korea,although eu and na must follow korea's directions,there action against known hacker's and cheater's is utterly deplorable,and the sheer hide of them expecting player's to police their game is ridiculous. Nc korea should truly do a internship at Blizzard and learn how to develop relationships between them and their paying player's and how to take effective action against known cheater's and hackers or any other game exploit,not just slap some little ban on said player because they spend money.
  5. 6.0 info

    Im not necessarily saying Aion needs to copy wow pvp exactly simply stating PVP in aions form with RNG of godstone's does not make for fair and even pvp and hasnt since they have been in existence.The pvp will improved majorly by the removal of these and the people against it are the one's that need a crutch rather than their own skills and using timing to beat someone.
  6. 6.0 info

    Well Wow pvp is far more balanced and competitive than Aion has ever been,so yes even though nearly every class in Wow has stun or interrupt or silence,for the most part the pvp is far more balanced than pure RNG of silence godstones that can give classes back to back silence on all casters or any class that is affected by silence,id rather see skill based silences on shorter durations with diminishing returns than the utter randomness of the godstone system. And it isnt a silly place at all,and when Aion has Arena events and pvp competitions on the scale of WOW then maybe you can call aion pvp successful and really competitive.
  7. 6.0 info

    They are overhauling classes so hopefully they allow for that,there are game's like World of warcraft where a single player can take down a healer class if they time their skills properly and dont go ham with burst at start,but instead pressure the healer to blow all Cd's then wait for a burst window. As to para stone's not proccing,they are lower rate than silence and blind,i wish i could find a video of ribborn showing him pvping and a glads Silence Gs procs 5 time's,as someone who plays a caster class silence GS procs way too much and 8 secs silence is pure overkill,if ncsoft give's all classe's a silence or some form of interrupt's thats fine but there's many fights you should win but didnt cause lol back to back silence godstone procs.
  8. 6.0 info

    In terms of your last sentence about legal,id suggest you read terms of use,game company's can do anything they want,and you agree to this everytime you log in,whether it F2play model with cashsop or subscription. And i really dont feel much sympathy for any of these player's that have gone crazy with +9/10 plumes or braclets or +20 gears,it's done for sheer advantage over other's these changes are a huge win for player's and hopefully encourage old and new alike to come back or stick around.We had the same situation with twinks and people got annoyed with that hence FTS,people can argue all they like but most people are happy to engage in pvp on a relatively even footing,but when you have +15 gear and still be cut to shreds in 5 seconds flat by pay2wins that is not gonna make player's stay.
  9. 6.0 info

    Finally a step in the right direction by korea,Capped gear and godstone removal will be one of the best things to happen to aion pvp.No more losing due to RNG procs of stupid godstones when you should of won,no more having to face pay2win losers in +20 or higher gear cause they dont want fair and competitive pvp.Pity these awesome changes arent coming in 5.8 at least they seem to be listening to player's. Keep up the goodwork korea,you might actually breathe life back into the game if you make it fun again.
  10. Still lame no skill pvp in the game?

    Thats not true pay2win,The real pay2win player's are those that have +7/8 Accessorys +20 or higher weapon and pvp gears,and there is plenty of those about,and dont forget the +9/10 plume's braclets and essence core's. The +15 gear used to be the norm for most players,but now it's just gotten stupid. I pray that Ncsoft sticks to it's guns goes back to fair and compettive pvp and removes all Tempering items,makes chanting either +10/15 again and make's the game about the PVP not the gear.The supposed 6.0 change's will make this game similar to the old days,if they do it and remove all the garbage they've introduced. Anyone that need's gear over +15 or accessorys,probaly isnt that good at pvp to begin with,just like twinks back in the day.The sooner we get gear at max +10 and basic manastone's the better.

    People are probaly worse cause they are sick and tired of pay2win,cheaters hackers and scammers that are utterly rife in this game.The sooner this game goe's back to it's roots and removes enchanting tempering plume's bracelets cores and every other aspect that create's imbalance the better the game will be,heck even being higher level these days give's you a massive advantage with essence points and xforms. Everyday i watch trade people seeling +7/8 accesorys or stupidly high chanted gear there's whole legions of pay2wins,of course people will get angry and annoyed,if people were happy with Aion pvp this game wouldnt be down too 2 server's just saying.
  12. I was logged in on my songweaver doing kumuki,i checked event timer said 1 minute till next snowball,time turned over didnt recieve item left kumuki waited,still no snowball.The timer had reset to 29minutes.My otther character also logged in for 30minute's hasnt recieved either.Also the event hasnt seem to of reset from yesterday,i thought we got 6 bonus balls per day yet mine say 3/4 and other amounts like it hasnt reset. Just not sure what's going on and why my characters arent recieveing event items.
  13. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    Casual's are never going to stick to aion in it's current state. If you have a job and a actual life you cannot afford to invest the time into this game,and run your army of Alts to get geared and afford item's. Even if you spent 20 dollars as a casual which is a sub in most game's you would still not be able to compete. The next few things i really do believe would bring back more player's and actually make the game somewhat fun again. Reduce the Xp needed to level,increase experience across the board and i mean majorly so quests and instances give like 5-10% a level not 0000.2%. Revisist the old maps and design new one's similar to those it's clear that the kata/tia/danaria era was the highpoint of this game work on things that actually work. Finally the biggest aspect that is killing this game pay2win/gearing aspects.Make enchanting only +15 and temper +5,everyday in trade you see people selling +7/8 access and +20 gear,why is any player going to stick around and invest thousands to be competitive in endgame pvp. Ncsoft need's to make money from other sources be it skins,housing items instead of encouraging this never ending pay2win gear drive. Most game's have a point when gearing stops,Aion doesnt chanting is not capped nor is tempering it is a flawed system because it create's far to many gaps and doesn't make the game competitive in anyway.And as far im concerned any player that needs gear over +15 or +5 must seriously suck at pvp,just like most twinks back in the day. People can belittle and flame my post but it phase's me not the number's speak for themselve's another merge dead starting are'as and a ton of people who sit afking in illuma looking pretty,this is not a very very healthy active game,i saw more activity on release during the first 6 months than have the last 2 years. And if and when we get this chanting at 20/25 and 28+ i can see the game losing even more people,cause it isnt fun at all,and no casual wants to compete with those smacking down a credit card and getting geared in a few hours with +20 or higher items.
  14. Linkgate Foundry Event Bug

    I have run this instance the least 8 days during Event,and the boss is bugging and not always dropping Event nutrients.I have done it on multiple class type's and all of them have bugged at one point. Sometimes i kill very fast dont get a drop,next time still kill fast get a drop,same situation if i kill slowly one gets drop other doesnt.If your going to have events at least make sure the bosses arent bugged so people dont waste a CD. Everything else the boss drops i can get except the nutrient's this has happened before with this place and bug is still not fixed.
  15. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    There is no grouping basicall, except Duo's low level or please hold group.Friendships are rarely formed legion invite's are pretty much non existent.So yes you are encouraged to zerg 66 become archdaeva then what run instance's in crappy fledgling gear. How many groups are going to take fledgling geared player's even in low instance's,not many im sure.And legions well goodluck with the amount requiring gear and certain levels to even get a foot in the door. I agree with everything you said, but pay2win is also killing this game ,why bother getting gear +15 when there's players in +20 and higher that hammer you in 2-3 hits, it's utterly pointless grinding the medals and Ap gear. Also even for pve even not zerging to 66, we couldnt make the millions of kinah needed for a basic gear set endgame,Like you said professions are worthless,gathering is terrible so all you do is Zerg to 66 and have nothing to do unless pay for a pve set and pvp gear,this all a new player is going too see.