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  1. The "Filthy Casuals" of Aion

    There is no grouping basicall, except Duo's low level or please hold group.Friendships are rarely formed legion invite's are pretty much non existent.So yes you are encouraged to zerg 66 become archdaeva then what run instance's in crappy fledgling gear. How many groups are going to take fledgling geared player's even in low instance's,not many im sure.And legions well goodluck with the amount requiring gear and certain levels to even get a foot in the door. I agree with everything you said, but pay2win is also killing this game ,why bother getting gear +15 when there's players in +20 and higher that hammer you in 2-3 hits, it's utterly pointless grinding the medals and Ap gear. Also even for pve even not zerging to 66, we couldnt make the millions of kinah needed for a basic gear set endgame,Like you said professions are worthless,gathering is terrible so all you do is Zerg to 66 and have nothing to do unless pay for a pve set and pvp gear,this all a new player is going too see.
  2. Pay to win is not an illussion in the slightest,the amount of people i saw advertising magna carter weapons yesterday prove's that,and the buyer's saying name your price. Also shoulder's at +31 i highly doubt you got that on first try but if you did grats,if you didnt the amount of spinels and ap to get 75 AP and try to get that level would be a lot of work,i simply dont believe you paid nothing ,not with the RNG of enchanting high level. People also forget the cost of enchanting manastone's and felic,so no perosnally i dont believe a large amount of player's aren't paying to win. +10 stones are around 400kk thats 2.4 bill for,add 6 felic at 300kk thats 1.8 bill add in 2400supps for chanting +15 then all the omega's yep sure can obtain these quantity's easily paying nothing. The point everyone forgets is TIME,and it's very clear a lot of people dont work or are basement dweller's living with mum or bludging of the system to play a game 15 hours per day. And why doe's anyone need gear above +15? Cause they cant win otherwise is my view,having capped gear at+10 or 15 would be the best thing ncsoft could ever do to this game.
  3. I have a couple of question's for the great author of this thread or a top endgame AT.I see ppl say max out your knowledge too 400,can anyone tell me how much MB and MA we should be aiming for in pvp like 5500MB 3k ma or higher? Also weapons,is it better to combine your AP weapon with a pure frigida cipher or go for a Harvester and Asherion while losing some pvp attack or lastly fusing 2 Ap weapons. And lastly Essence points for skill's which are best to max out for pve and pvp settings. Great thread inspired me to finally level one of these rampaging beasts:)
  4. Well written reply.Unfortunately nothing sane player's write will convince the die-hard Aion fans that the game's current state is not fun exciting or particularly engaging anymore.Even a server merge and dwindling player base seems to have no effect on their view's.Game's that are healthy,fun and exciting,and engaging are managing to retain new player's and are adding server's not chopping them. In term's of the Alt army suggestion many people make,i can only assume that many don't seem to have a full-time job that require's 8 hours plus of their time per day 5/6 days of the week.I say this because trying to use Alts when you work is a major major time sink and could not realistically be done. I have 13 character's nothing compared to some player's im sure and i know how much time they take up on my days off. Every day off i will run them all through Fissure for Xp,and coin bundles to save for unbinding stone's to fund me,i do 2 runs per character i also run contaminated underpath as well it take's me 30 minutes per toon,thats a decent time sink with only 13 character's,it take's even longer on reset day with the other instance add in kumuki and even longer. Then im meant to find time for pvp instance's try and run pve one's there is no way these thing are possible unless you dont work and can afford to sink in 15+ hour's per day. As to the whole use luna instance's for omega's temper's they are not 100% chance people act like they are raining from the sky,i have had days running 13 through and got nothing from underpath. There is literally no way to even compete with paying player's unless as i stated you do not have a real job,a life and other commitments besides Aion. Game's are meant to be fun and a way to relax,yes they require effort to get things out of them but Aion has taken it to a whole new level,i stand by what i said earlier if this game was so great we wouldn't of los server's and we would see huge influxes of new player's that actually stay.
  5. i know Nc korea just love's having player's lose millions of kinah in exploding items and core's are no different but Nyerking hell can we at least get past +3 for crying out loud.You only have to look at this game chanting/tempering system to see why it is the biggest failure of a game. 5+ core's couldnt even get past +1 stuff this craphouse system that plague's aion in every aspect.Even tempering has better odds than this BS,now wonder your craphouse game's bled player's the past couple of years when you add this sort of RNG. Seriously +1 is not overpowered stop with the patheticly bad RNG on these items.
  6. Daishunerk's Game of fate

    i made multiple posts about the dashinerk game,they nerfed the treasure cave from 3 to 1 prize increased the price to 5 luna and then didnt reduce after nerf then changed so couldnt use luna but keys only. The price for the fate game actually costs you far far more luna than the cave did,and is nothing more a blatant money grabbing exercise.3 luna per roll costs you far more than the cave did and 35 luna for the last chest is a ripoff because the prizes in the blue chest are mediocre at best,any form of gambling game it's just better to now ignore them, just like arcade game and simply sell items with your ncoin instead to make. Until they make fair and reasonable priced game's again i wouldnt touch game of fate or the treasure chamber,because its a massive ripoff.
  7. Energy of Repose vs Berdin's Favor vs Berdin's Amulet

    They have changed the buffs though,not the recent birthday but the year before we could stack a Xp amulet and most other Xp events allowed amulet usage. It's very clear they are intent on making this grind as long as possible to make more money out of the player's by having the worst leveling experience sine game's release.If they actually cared about level the mere pet 200% amulet never would of been nerfed so hard,amulets for 200%+ would of been added and liquid experience would of been changed for 66+. They dont want people leveling fast the more frustrating it is the more likely people will buy items to make it quicker,if leveling didnt grant essence,bonus skills i wouldnt care about taking forever to hit 75,but this current system just throws in another gap with the have money and free2play people.
  8. How to PvP in Aion | A step-by-step guide

    The big Difference between Aion and a ton of other MMos though is they dont require you to drop a few thousand into the game simply to compete.This argument has raged since game went to F2play Aka Pay2win. I can sub to games like world of warcraft and pvp in instances and get matched and scaled to a even level.While i love the excitment of Aions open world when you can find some good 1vs1 or group pvp this game shines. However it isnt about caring as you stae, when a player can simply slap down a credit card spend a few thousand and get a full +15 or higher pvp set socketed with the best stones,title cards and top end accessorys. Only those that are pay2win support this system,people carry on about how skillful they are,all i see in aion is geared 75s afking in citys and only going out with a zerg,something both asmo and elyos do.There are a few talented individuals who rift solo or duo,but they are few. If ncsoft had any sense theyd remove enchanting and tempering,plume's,bracelet and have normalised stones and bring Actual PVP back into the game,not who has the bigger credit card limi,t cause no matter how people try and twist it this is what aion is. End of they day if this game was so top notch as people seem to think with their defense of it,then it wouldnt have 2 servers it never would of shed a ton of server only months into release,but still years later people try to defend the broken system and pay2win model that this game encourages.
  9. Improve level Reduction stone rates

    Everything in this game is designed to be a fail or explode or have ludicrous RNG, i'd love to say they'd listen but it will be just another thing ignored and another reason why this game is such a massive failure for western markets. It's no different to essence core's we have Essence solutions but their rate is lower than omegas like truly go figure that.I love exploding 6+ cores in a row without even getting +1.Quite honestly Nyerk ncsoft ,these losers in korea try to say they are wanting to break into western markets but have utterly no clue on how to make player's happy. The Ceo's wife feature's in a article about trying to get into western market's here's the link for a good laugh.https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidewalt/2017/05/23/ncsoft-goes-west-how-the-korean-video-game-giant-is-translating-success/#2bb72c236b59 Ncsoft korea has zero idea on western gamers and they will never ever ever be success,quite truly a terrible one trick pony company, with a terrible reputation.Two servers down in less than 8 years such a success story, funny how strong a company like Blizzard/activison still is even with their old Wow title, ncsoft will never learn cause they refuse to listen and communicate, and basically have a zerg for quick buck motto.
  10. 400% Xp acquisition buff

    Easier than ever? Not sure we are playing the same game because if i run a fissure on my 72 or73 with stars repose and buff and barely see 1.5% per run i wouldnt call that easy Xp in the slightest.Same can be said when running luna daily/weekly with all buffs.Easy leveling is till 66+ then its nothing but a grind fest akin to the game's release.
  11. 400% Xp acquisition buff

    I have noticed a trend lately with ncsoft during Xp events that you are blocking us from using a Xp amulet to gain extra.Why are you so intent on making 66-75 a long a mind numbingly boring grind fest to enjoy Endgame with all our essence's and access to skills? This current buff is not 400% Xp merely helps with gains yet we cant use a berdins 100% charm,seriously why do you do this? You really seem to want player's to grind out boring repetitive quests and not allow us access to items we previously had,the merek pet nerf is a prime example of this since we lost our 200% Xp amulets,and the fact you seem refuse to want to add 200% amulets for 66+. The merek pet was seriously one of the biggest sellers and you killed it,with a trade off for berdins stars that are not nearly as good as the Xp amulet,with 2 server's now and a small population it still seems' those in charge do not want to try and improve the game leveling wise but kill player's of with a tedious leveling system that simply did not work on release and resulted in closed server's back then. Please reconsider this current system and allow the use of Xp amulets and add 200% ones and bring back merek pet's 200% amulet.
  12. Hi Cyan or Hime Just curious why Luna chests cannot be sold to other player's instead of instantly being credited to the purchasing account,im sure these chests would be in high demand if could be sold via private stores or broker and maybe even increase sales for ncsoft. Second Major blessed augments why can these not also be sold via broker and store,making them character bound is not really good business especially since player's might not have abyss points but a lot of kinah, they can buy a gear set, but then not augment it due to the high abyss points costs. Really do believe your losing out on extra revenue by making these 2 items only character bound.
  13. Still lame no skill pvp in the game?

    I tend to agree that Aion pvp isn't really skillful,because there's simply too many variable's in it that can dictate the outcome of a Fight. Godstones yes been here for eternity and wont be removed have a effect on the fight outcome's. Gear is the biggest issue if you just got gear with stats and no manastone socket's this would be better,as there wouldnt be people in+10 having a huge adavantage. Enchanting again another problem if this was removed and gear couldnt be chanted to stupid levels of +20 or more and no bonus skill's. Tempering also another thing that should be removed when you have people rocking +7-9 accessory's Essence again has a impact on fights a higher level is going to have a much bigger essence pool for either damage spells or defensive options,not counting the addition of core's that can be+10 also. PLume's and braclets yet more gear that causes gaps. Personally all instanced pvp should get same gear and level scaled similar to Wow and all godstone's removed in it.This would at least make fights skill based rather than wallet based. As to open world the developer's would have to totally rethink the gearing process,but i highly doubt anything would change because this is where they make their money. There isnt skill in aion pvp because there's far far too many factors that affect it,it would be great if you just got gear and were done but unfortunately this isnt the case.
  14. I cannot play this game effectively pvp wise when 32 bit is enabled and contaminated underpath just lags me completely out so much that i dont even see the fatty that kills the gate.Tried pvp today even 2-3 ppl and laggy as hell and forget more than that because i can barely move.My ping say around 180 which isnt great but this change to 32 bit has ruined pvp for the moment.
  15. After the last P2W update EU is angry as hell

    You don't really need to play on EU,to know how bad it really is.Not long ago i watched a youtube video of a well known player on EU who quit, and listed everything that was wrong with Gameforge. Ncosft is not much better.I quit and ncsoft lost a customer who spent a massive amount of money,simply due to the excessive Xp for leveling,breaking gear that now needs massive amounts of supps to not break,despite gear not breaking the last few major patches.Terrible rewards on events,poor RNG on luna rewards,the list could be massive but i know there's literally no point providing feedback,because NA office doesnt control much,it's korea thats the problem. Both game manager's are not very good,they literally do not care if they lose customers spending big sums of money.Eitherway good on EU player's but i doubt it will make them change their mind,quit and find another game it's a player's market something these company's have forgotten.