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  1. Customization was important too. WoW with his amazing success has that issue. Graphics there are really old and bad. With totally cartoonish and geometric shapes. Toons that just look so ugly no matter what you try. So few options making to everyone look similar... WoW with some amazing lore and a lot of content and updates, seems to be old and ugly. NCsoft has a huge advantage there. Wings and fancy things. If you take those away... there are a lot of great MMORPGS out there and some of them are really awesome.
  2. Good Video,The thing with ncsoft only caring about how it does in korea strike's me as strange when not long ago i read a article about either ncsofts ceo or his wife saying how they wanted to really break into western markets. This company for a long a time, basically since Aion launched does not listen to western player feedback and adapt the game design for it's region.I played at launch and many times over the years and it just never seems to reach a medium sort of ground with it's development.5.0 was a grindfest new patch is lack of content and fast leveling no middle ground at all.
  3. So you guys have given us several power up events where stigma's ,cores and accessories dont break.How about adding a weapon and armor event before 6.0 hits since these items are just as important and im sure many player's would like to enchant their gear higher that hasnt been upgraded yet.Im sure many people would be happy to buy omega's during a event like this similar to the rank1 gear before 5.0 release. Please consider a event like this before 6.0 hits not all of us have the time to run evergale or pve instances to get purification materials and having higher gear might help people
  4. Nice little escape clause line that one.It's really really simple when communicating to people if you aren't going too deliver a service or product don't even mention it,it's really simple. Considering your track record with player's it would be best if you made sure you can deliver and everything is working as intended before posting.
  5. Ncsoft made a good choice by allowing pvp gear to be traded and bought then we moved back to soulbound stuff,this was a mistake allowing every player easier access to gear was a step in the right direction. As too soulstone's this was a stupid idea they could of kept the previous model of medals and AP to upgrade to the next tier of pvp gear. Soulstone's should of been made much more readily available in pvp instance's which they werent,daily's should of been added for idl,kamar dredge etc. The different types needed to upgrade was overkill they could of had 1 type with spinels
  6. In regards to omega's and temper's being so easy to obtain,pre nerf, who care's more supply means much lower prices which benefits everyone pay2win and F2play.The only one's it doesnt benefit is ncwest because ppl can stockpile them for later chanting events,and buy them from the current flash sale which is just a bltant slap in the face and deliberate cashgrab. As to purified gear with 6.0 not that far off gear should of just been purifiable with spinels and AP not add in all the soulstone's.Considering they are reverting to +15 gear max in 6.0 apparently this gear being able to chanted
  7. You must honestly suck at PVP if even need to attempt getting gear that high,and pay to win right there,what did you do get the item restored on separate alts when they explode like most pay2win bads. It's player's like you that ruined any form of fun and competitive pvp, baddys that cant win via skill only their wallets.And dont bother saying havent spent anything cause you just make yourself look even more foolish.
  8. Paying isnt winning??? Rigtio so the average player with +10/15 gear and lower accessorys can totally compete against people in full sets of gear +20 and +7 accessorys,who mind you have multiple sets like that. And this game isn't healthy im sorry you fail too see that,and if ncsoft shutdown every alt and bot account we would really see how empty aion is. Im sorry for you that you feel the need to defend these things and are obviously a spender yourself despite denying it,as i said the sooner nc korea realises this direction is not healthy for the game the better,i have no issue
  9. Dont bother arguing with john,they like to make out how easy it is to get geared without paying,when most sane player's know with RNG and exploding gear this isnt the case,unless you live in moms basement and play this game 24/7 with multiple accounts you aren't getting anywhere. The sooner Nc korea realises tempering and gear higher than +15 is a bad idea the better,this game may not be dead yet but it will be in a year or 2 at the most cant rely on whale's forever.Player's want fun,we dont enjoy midless grinds to max level,we dont enjoy exploding gear,we are sick and tired of pay2wins i
  10. It really doesn't matter if a company is Us,korean,british or any nationality for that matter.If you wish to build a successful game with millions or hundreds of thousands of player's you have to treat their concerns with some integrity,honesty and desire to improve the relations between publisher and playerbase. Aion as iv'e always stated had and still does have great potential but is ineptly run and manged by korea,although eu and na must follow korea's directions,there action against known hacker's and cheater's is utterly deplorable,and the sheer hide of them expecting player's to pol
  11. Im not necessarily saying Aion needs to copy wow pvp exactly simply stating PVP in aions form with RNG of godstone's does not make for fair and even pvp and hasnt since they have been in existence.The pvp will improved majorly by the removal of these and the people against it are the one's that need a crutch rather than their own skills and using timing to beat someone.
  12. Well Wow pvp is far more balanced and competitive than Aion has ever been,so yes even though nearly every class in Wow has stun or interrupt or silence,for the most part the pvp is far more balanced than pure RNG of silence godstones that can give classes back to back silence on all casters or any class that is affected by silence,id rather see skill based silences on shorter durations with diminishing returns than the utter randomness of the godstone system. And it isnt a silly place at all,and when Aion has Arena events and pvp competitions on the scale of WOW then maybe you can call ai
  13. They are overhauling classes so hopefully they allow for that,there are game's like World of warcraft where a single player can take down a healer class if they time their skills properly and dont go ham with burst at start,but instead pressure the healer to blow all Cd's then wait for a burst window. As to para stone's not proccing,they are lower rate than silence and blind,i wish i could find a video of ribborn showing him pvping and a glads Silence Gs procs 5 time's,as someone who plays a caster class silence GS procs way too much and 8 secs silence is pure overkill,if ncsoft give's al
  14. In terms of your last sentence about legal,id suggest you read terms of use,game company's can do anything they want,and you agree to this everytime you log in,whether it F2play model with cashsop or subscription. And i really dont feel much sympathy for any of these player's that have gone crazy with +9/10 plumes or braclets or +20 gears,it's done for sheer advantage over other's these changes are a huge win for player's and hopefully encourage old and new alike to come back or stick around.We had the same situation with twinks and people got annoyed with that hence FTS,people can argue
  15. Finally a step in the right direction by korea,Capped gear and godstone removal will be one of the best things to happen to aion pvp.No more losing due to RNG procs of stupid godstones when you should of won,no more having to face pay2win losers in +20 or higher gear cause they dont want fair and competitive pvp.Pity these awesome changes arent coming in 5.8 at least they seem to be listening to player's. Keep up the goodwork korea,you might actually breathe life back into the game if you make it fun again.
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