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  1. Material conversion

    In 6.2 and 6.5 versions you needed several minutes to convert your guiding stones in codexes and a small time to convert them in gear to break and get fighting spirit fragments. Now in 7.0 you need to convert the new materials in old ones 1 by 1. To get the ultimate wings i need 500 fighting spirit fragments and that is arround 6500 guiding stones, so i should craft my crystal stones 6500 times and that takes several hours; similar with the alcemium. I suggest adding more recipes to do this faster, for example 1 that convert 5 crystals in 5 guidings,10 to 10, 50 to 50 and 100 to 100 (some bonuses can be good, like instead of 100 to 100 that be 90 to 100 or something). The same with alcemium

    You can see in korea cleric vs melee a match close to be equal because all they have red extendable 7.0 weapon and 95% of us the na players don't have plus 50% of us have more than 100 ms We need asap the extendable weapon box event. Sm is very strong but in discipline cleric has 1 big advantage, you can lose letting it with 10% hp and then when you ress, the enemy is full again; against sm you can complete the kill with 1 or 2 hits normally. Server needs more clerics. If you are thinking in returning, it is a good option.

    Let's see if we have more luck with the extendable weapons, so we can beat clerics with a simple random lucky stumble crit + kromede stun combo. Cleric have that super long insta blind and heal reducer, completely anti physical. Hp low? Inmortal barrier + amplification + ripple/splendor and almost full hp in 2 seconds. As always they can die when they can do nothing, like being paralized by gunner or the 20s fear combo. I don't have problems accepting the reality: i can't beat a cleric in equal conditions, the game is made so. But you shouldn't complain saying it is an incomplete class just for lacking silence or stun.

    Just all of you should accept the reality, not trying to change it. If you can't kill a cleric or chanter, you can't and you won't can. But if you can't win killing search another way, sometimes works, sometimes. In notaion the heals are nerfed, being not affected by shards. Even so clerics are invencible in .1v1 unless they are unbrained. You can see some kr videos vs cleric and it dies 0 times, but the enemy did accept the reality and did search another way to win. I always remember the game Top Gear, it is like aion, you can choose the white car (the strongest) and get easy wins or choose the red car (the weakest) and get sometimes a fun hard win, but you wouldn't get it if there aren't stronger contrincants. Let's see if in na we see regional nerfs to cleric with 7.0.
  5. Que elegir?

    Una clase a melee con ping latino da muchas dificultades. Si eres alguien nuevo generalmente lo mas recomendable es una clase que pegue a rango. Si te gusta ganar puedes elegir spiritmaster, cleric o el robot. Chanter podria ser tambien. Sorcerer es algo complicado de usar, no te la recomiendo a menos que tengas experiencia o mucha paciencia para aprender. No te desanimes si te equivocas que es normal al empezar, solo no te vayas a ir, sigue practicando y sigue equipandote. Si quieres probar todas las clases por ti mismo te recomiendo bajar el aion de gameforge e ir a notaion. Ahi en el server na puedes probar todas las clases con todas las skills sin usar tiempo para equiparlas o sacar las daevanion skills, asi eliges la que te guste mas. Igual te ayudara a saber que skills tienen las otras clases para no encontrarte con sorpresas en pvp.
  6. Armsfusion

    Can i armfuse my lvl 80 weapon putting below an old weapon? As an old weapon i mean a harvester or a prime archon because they are of a lower lvl (lvl 75 i think).
  7. Bloodwind slash worth to use it in 6.5 ?

    Punishment get half cd. Not bad. Aggro pasive buff will increase pve atk, so we won't be top 1 dps but 100% aggro in the boss. Magical skills from stigmas will have a big dmg boost. Btw, bloodwind is worth to use in pvp 6.7 but no as the principal source of dps.
  8. What a Shame

    I just wanted to say you sorcerers: You are not the worst class. The worst class are us, the templars. I see is very hard convincing you about that.
  9. DP skills please

    Don't feel so bad, we the templars have like you conditional dp skills, the difference is now with 6.7 they are more nerfed.
  10. What a Shame

    I forgot to add wintry armor with boon of iron clad.
  11. What a Shame

    Sorcerer is more useful in 6v6 than templar: Sorcerer Templar 2 area sleeps 1 area bodyguard (10m) and empyrean providence (very very high cd) 2 spameable sleeps 1 panoply 3 area shocks 1 frontal area shock and 1 pull (area of 5m) 4 single target shocks 3 single target shocks and 1 pull boon of iron clad area taunt (7m) spameable teleport spameable taunt (20% chance) spameable silence ---------- mega burst 25m range low dps and melee range (very bad with more than 100 ms and a target walking)
  12. Are Templars decent now in 6.5?

    Templar has a good dps in leveling comparing with gladiator, but very very low dps comparing with normal dps classes like bard. Break power is very good but it does now very low dmg comparing with before. Rage is gone and bleed too but you can put the break power debuff more often cuz it works in stun too. Against another plates i try to use dazzing as the 3º debuff with break power and slow of pulls before. Mocking is perfect, finally a ranged skill to remove evasion/block/parry buffs and 1 extra ranged hit to destroy stone skin/protective ode when divine fury is on. Completely useless in another cases. The biggest nerf is the pvp reduction dmg of bloodstorm: our old times best chain dps burst is now the biggest rubbish chain just to be used when all is in cd (the push effect of bloodwind rive is very useful, but i am talking about dmg here) Now with 6.7 all the skills have more tooltip dmg, so the basic hits are weaker comparing with the skills. Not good at all. Templar is the worst class but that is good. That is like you are in Lunatic Mode pvp, however sometimes that lunatic becomes impossible (vs chanter/cleric with same or more gear and experience; just accept the reality: try it and if you couldn't, just run) If you love the challenges, templar is your class. If you love winning, the best options can be aethertech, spiritmaster, chanter or cleric.
  13. Anyone knows who has the name Vayne?

    Please let me know the answer of Support, so if they said yes i will try to ask to change my name to have just 1 "m".
  14. do not end with the spiritmaster's trademark!!!

    The pet is very strong now. In 1v1 with its heal buff i need more than 10s of free dps to kill that earth spirit. I am templar, so i am talking about single target hits, not those 15k areas with 25m range of ATs (and they already have drillbore).
  15. Ankle Breaker or Callous Strike

    I think ankle breaker is better just if you don't have shield crush.