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  1. If you have the gathering and crafting leveled to 100 and 200 you can do all the legendary questline in 1-2 days and the ultimate questline will take exactly 5 weeks. If you dont have crafting at least 100 you would have to take 15 weeks total. 5 for legendary and 10 for ultimate armor. You need to complete both legendary adn ultimate armor questlines to get ultimate weapon.
  2. Really other then mounts this update isnt in any way hard on new or returning players at all. I dont understand the qq i really dont. Yes kinah is harder to egt then before but as a new or returning player you have no need to buy anyhting from other players yet and the normal day to day supplies like the xform scroll are cheap enough that you can buy hundreds of them with the kinah you gain naturally. While the enchant rate is a little low it is no where near as bad as enchnating was when they first released the game neither is socketing. And even if your rng sucked you dont actually nee
  3. Ok This isn't as relevant now as it was before but the old stats system spell books had higher base magic accuracy while Orbs had higher base magic boost. I'm not sure if that is still the case as out of habit i still pick orb for pve but that is what the original different was. This was the only difference and really what people use to use depended on their own preference towards socketing. With this patch however Wep dmg does effect magic skills and your weps base stats are all very important. as you progress in the game right now you shouldn't worry so much about orb or spell book but inste
  4. Can we get the delegate skin set? It was only ever the reward for 1 event and no one does the event that drops the actual armor
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