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  1. starting to feel like this guy is Motgar under a diff account.. 🧐
  2. I wouldn't bother with Motgar. He's been making super crazy elitist/separatist classic posts nonstop for the past two days. He's literally off his rocker.
  3. He's referencing you bud. You've made a thread on here every 30 minutes almost all day long and almost every thread is borderline unstable requesting devs to make classic exclusive to yourself and the "classic club." these are the threads that will drive away potential players who would otherwise enjoy classic. reap what you sow.
  4. Omg this has got to be one of the saddest and most destructive posts I've ever seen lol creating a faction of anti-live and saying "don't associate with them live people" lol WOW... "our haven" ahahaha Let the toxicity begin. This is just... wow. You guys are nuts.
  5. @Kibbelz This event is actually pretty bad... who wants to pay $30 per ancient contract? Those 3 free joker cards should be daily
  6. This won't happen. Aion Live won't close down so NCwest can magically make Aion Classic better. If anyone believe NCwest will do anything more than what NCsoft Korea has already done with classic, has their expectation and hopes WAY WAY WAY too high. Aion classic here will be 0% different than Korea. It will be a p2w bot fest with a play limit and player cap. NCwest 100% will not put any more effort towards classic than they do for current servers. Why do people keep thinking classic will be some magical dream world? Did everyone forget all the problems classic has? Classic is just as bro
  7. So, word is from support they have taken action against those involved. Idk if this is true or not.
  8. Max Phys Attack from Item Collections = +287 Max Phys Attack from Transform Collections = +752 Max Phys Attack from Truestorm Set= 12,768 Base + 275x2 Max Phys Attack from Scarlet Acc + 2 Bursting = 1,592 Base + 1,184 + 335 Max Phys Attack from Scarlet Feathers = 2,215 Base + 275 + 190 Max Phys Attack from Ss Minion = +460 Max Phys Attack from Ultim Glyph = 50 +460 16,625 Base + 4,218 + 800 Slaughter = 21,643 1 piece paragon +15 = +551 ~ +755 Attack I know I'm missing some numbers somewhere but Tiamat gives PvE attack and not Phys attack. Same with the Prestige buff.
  9. No, actually it is related because cheating actually occured in December where as this situation is not an exploit as you claim. Support GMs knew exactly what they were doing because Stormwing Orb transfer were allowed last year. They only changed their stance here because p2w players started crying about f2w players catching up to them and getting "an advantage." People who got transfers followed the rules and common decency as well. Just because you don't like the outcome doesn't suddenly change the rules. When someone asks the Gm, is it okay if I do this? and they say yes, then no
  10. Thanks for the reply Kibbelz. Sad to see transfers won't be re-opened but you guys need to add apostle shards as a permanent addition to the game like EU/RU is getting. Additionally, please ignore the advice from people begging to remove and punish players who received apostles. I never completed mine but as you can see many players were given the green light by support which means nothing was done wrong. After talking to many players in game I can guarantee you that more players completed their transfers than did not, so in the end you would be punishing the majority of the players
  11. I wholeheartedly support this effort. The Christmas event was a mess controlled by scripters, botters, and hackers.
  12. Hey @Kibbelz You guys had made a statement previously that world boss weapons would be made more available. This still hasn't happened. Is there any chance for imbued weapon event to come up? Looking on plaync's Korean website under events, it appears they have had a few different events that reward imbued weapons as well as apostle contracts and +9 paragon gear in exchange for time spent grinding. How about those?
  13. I'm curious how many accounts you are going to make to spam this topic? Your first two posts with this account were this morning so I highly doubt you spent $500, at least on this account. Not trying to be mean but I am just pointing out the obvious. If you want GM's to listen, you're better off using your main account to post rather than making a bunch of spam forum accounts.
  14. Dude, just stop. You keep making stuff up because you can't get your way. Your only response has been to insult with 0 facts. If you actually used your eyes to go look in game you would see it takes far more than 4 apostles to do anything and unless you are a p2w player you don't have 3-5 apostles before now. You are basing your data off of p2w whales which don't make up the majority of the players. There has been 0 apostle events before now unless you were a scripter during the christmas event or you paid a bunch of money to buy the transformation tokens. Any player who claims to be "long-ter
  15. who's the slow one? "Most people have enough apostles unlocked already that the additional 4 would give them the needed collections to finish each of the 4 collections." Hmm. Me thinks you assume to much. Again, you are assuming half the server already had apostles which most of them did not until this event. And No. We did not get 3 free apostles months ago. Maybe if you were one of the lucky cheaters who got them from the christmas event, but no, you are 100% incorrect there. Shall I teach you child how many apostles it takes to get 200 crit dmg and 200 crit defense as y
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