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  1. ...most players did not return for 1.5 patch lol Both Aion games are officially in the dead zone now. The sooner everyone collectively quits and ends Aion, the sooner NC realizes they messed up by catering to certain players and ignoring all the mass hacking/cheating in both games. 🤣🤣
  2. I think Classic merge is long overdue especially with shrinking numbers. It is also hilarious the super anti-merge guy who claimed IS was so populated and posted each day to attack posts against NCsoft got banned for ap trading. LOL
  3. Spoken like a true elyos trying to full gear for free before merge. Imagine spending 24/7 monitoring the forums just to attack everyone who has criticism of classic or points out the fact it is dying fast.
  4. @Kibbelz @Loki So is KT getting special treatment cause you all got kids playing on KT and they don't want their names and houses reset? I smell a whole lot of bias creeping in here. Good job convincing more of your players to quit both games lmao
  5. Hey kid, go sit down and gtfo the forums. Merge won't go your way, Kt doesn't belong to you. It isn't your personal private server to decide who comes and goes.
  6. Dude, just go away. You attack everyone who has any amount of criticism on Classic. You are clearly an NCpuppet or making money off of gold/exploits/hacking. Classic isn't going to survive long, just deal with it kiddie.
  7. Good thing the server doesn't actually belong to selfish children like yourself. It won't be going the way you want it to. Suck it up, it's a low population game now and you don't speak for all of KT.
  8. Servers hold far far more than 5000 players. Siel hits maybe 20% max lately and IS is under 10%. Combined both servers would be less than half of an average KR classic server. Either way you look at it a server merge would only lead to a 30% full server which would allow classic to survive longer
  9. Oh try saying you know nothing about the game statistics and the actual game without saying you know nothing and instead keep blindly defending what is CLEARLY dying already as well as defending the candies. 1. The "myaion" dev is not an actual dev and just some guy who made an app and a site to monitor stuff. This guy has also given false information in the past and has altered his monitoring on the servers to show larger percentages with lower number populations. Also that myaion wasn't able to properly monitor classic in any shape or form on the first day. It is a known fact that ther
  10. Lol both Israphel and Siel feel dead as heck at night times. Especially Israphel. Classic seems to be littered with mostly static groups already. I see people struggling to find full groups already for important quests to level up. People who say both servers are "populated" truly underestimate how many bots are being created each day. You don't understand the botters' determination. Not to mention, a lot of the mass candy buyers are seen running around with a group of bots leveling with them. You don't even see the number of bots on classic because not all of them are gold se
  11. Seems to be you who is the Karen, Karen. Logging into forums just to complain about someone's post not fitting your standards for a forum post. Lol. Nice one Karen.
  12. When are we going to get crowns enchant stone boxes and manastones in Quna shop? Might as well go full p2w since it is already on the path there and the future daeva pass rewards don't help reduce the p2w aspect
  13. What's right? Classic is 90% p2w. There are players running around with +10 or higher gear and fully socketed with expensive manastones not to mention the broker prices are screwed beyond belief in the second week already, especially on the most important manastones. 2-3mil per manastone on week 2? really guys? What's wrong? People defending p2w saying "this game isn't p2w I made all my money with crafting (by funding my crafting with candies) so it isn't p2w." Nice try. People need to start admitting it is for what it is. Classic is a p2w cash grab, it is not classic Aion.
  14. There haven't been any big drop offs on either server? You're kidding right? Israphel is hitting below 1k people at night and and Siel is nearing the 1-2k at nights. Of course people will say "but it's active during the day you idiot". However, everyone seems to be forgetting This is the end of Classic's SECOND WEEK. These numbers are god awful for a "new release" MMO on week 2. Not to mention at least 500+ of these numbers are bots, I kid you not. The number of people logging in on off hours shows you how successful and popular an MMO is, this one is declining in huge numbers s
  15. there is no "buy limit" also I know for a fact there are players with 1 bil already. Yes, to answer your question there are players who do exactly what you described. the economy is ridiculous and these p2w trolls keep coming because they are afraid of A) losing their candy p2w value, B) Classic failing or most likely C) Both results.
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