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  1. And nah tbh i rly dunno what happened with it so currently i have one,i got a new one from a quest but cant use the other anyway cus its not for my level and i used to use two pistols at a time which was cool but i kinda can't anymore, sad times. Tho i don't even remember it's design or the name of the weapon so i'll live with it, imma try getting a second pistol soon again tho
  2. Oof lol okay then, like ye when we looked they were super expensive too. Guess there literally is no savin the costume. Oh wells thx Also with teh meme, so tru this one that was sent earlier
  3. She is a Elyos race, her game name is QueenCat and she is currently a level 42 gladiator, and she had the rainbow one.
  4. Though i am quite confused as the one she had was permanent therefore it shouldn't have been deleted, right? She purchased it back then during the event because the rainbow one was being sold for 50k and she was in love with it, (she is telling me to write this as a message to you : "This costume was my prized possession, i was very poor at the time (I still am which is why i can't buy the more expensive ones) i wore it all the time and when it disappeared from my inventory i felt extreme sadness" also there are screenshots of her actually wearing it sadly we didn't take screenshots of the det
  5. Oh ok i was confused because my sister had bought a normal permenant one back then im pretty sure for 50k just now when we looked they were a lot more expensive as well so ye, oh wells so i guess that does mean it was literally just deleted. Thanks for telling me
  6. So basically this isn't bout me but my lil sis used to have that rainbow snake costume, and yeah she bought it from a broker. But we both didn't play aion for ages however we logged on today, i know a lot of items were deleted or somthin, one of my guns is gone idk why and her snake costume is completely gone. Because we both don't understand why i wanted to check if anyone knew why this happened.
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