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  2. 1-is it possible for us to get a selective retuning event just like the power up event which had the 1 kinah npc buff? 2-open the account warehouse so we can trade everything between our other characters because i believe this would make more people want to play their other classes. 3-please consider bringing back personal shops so the community can be fixed because the broker is rather broken and the prices there is decided by a handful of none community based players. 4-create a specific pve server or zone so pve players can farm in peace.
  3. Jumped Character Missing things

    why dont you guys band together and give him or her some stigmas?
  4. Jumped Character Missing things

    the class that has no stigma's is your sm correct
  5. Jumped Character Missing things

    look just do the genesis crystal camps, then buy the ancient pvp weapons/acc and sell them using ur own personal shop and make kinah that way also. or just make friends then ask them for stuff and see how they respond since u wont know them for that long.
  6. Jumped Character Missing things

    what's sad is that you need. if you believe friends are so important in this game, i want you deny someones wanting to add you on their list and see how they behave towards you.
  7. Jumped Character Missing things

    and who says you cant make friends simply because you dont have stigmas.it seems to me that friends should be the last thing you should be worrying about.
  8. transformation and potion transformations

    please add ancient transformation to he gold sand shop and legendary and ulti's to the bcm.
  9. please add an option to where we can pick between male and female versions because there is a big difference between the male and female version when it comes to how a skill being used looks and it seems to be something small but its rather major ty.
  10. look just put kaisinel on the bcm and price it at 100 dollars so we can buy it,be happy, and ncsoft can make a lil extra.
  11. have u ever seen in lfg someone asking for other people to que so they can get in? the limited amount of people required now makes it so that players will have a better chance to get in when not many players are in the game. Aly you are too smart to see that the ec changes make sense.but you will!
  12. i got in in under 5mins both times well good luck getting in and enjoy your afk.
  13. an the reason why they changed it to 2 per team is so that if alot of people arent on as in to fill a 24 player slot, it would make sense for 2 people to trigger the instance if that makes sense to u.
  14. i have qued twice so far and when i entered it was 2 per team.
  15. people go afk when its 24 so whats the difference if its 2v2? i think whats eating u is when 1 out of the 2 go afk u no longer have lets say 10 to 14 or 16 others to secure a win for u.
  16. learn to click tabs and see what happens as in things can be placed on the wrong locations. ty for posting that heal lol
  17. go to boost then transformation to clain the free legendary transform breath of life thing
  18. i think when people rage on ncsoft on the forums, ncsoft tends to select those names and action them last or idk.
  19. ncsoft just give everyone the kaisinel transform and enjoy the peace of mind.
  20. welll i received 10k blood medals, 396 ulti etiums,792 legendary etiums and 100 bafflefield boxes on 4 toons when i think i did ec on my sm and sm, but honestly i didnt know when the bug came into place, but im happy with what i got and all should get the same to be fair and honest as aion players. ncsoft! thank you for giving me something.
  21. my last question on this topic is this. were you affected by the ec bug that now qualifies you to get all the stated rewards?
  22. Characters who entered the instance while it was bugged, but were not actioned upon, will be delivered the following to their mailbox during the.am i reading that correctly? the rewards that we would receive from ec if we were able to enter is what everyone should receive and not get nothing when it was down through no fault of aions players is my point aly.
  23. the rewards should go out to everyone that were not able to access ec during its down time. or do you disagree?
  24. i said IF im not mistaking, that means im not shifting blame because im not sure. all i am saying is that i agree with miphabae when he said the rewards should go out the all players and not just those affected by the bug.
  25. All the rewards being giving out for ec not being available should go out to everyone that were not able to enter the ec instance and not just those who were affected by the bug. And if i'm not mistaking, werent the bug more of an exploit that cause players to get banned?