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  1. hahahaha poor boy, there is no such thing as "next event " Ty NCsh... for destroying both server, Classic and Retail
  2. O found more info in this page than in our official web.. really sad https://www.mmorpg.com/news/aion-and-aion-classic-receiving-two-major-updates-2000123154?amp=true
  3. While we are tire for useless event here in NA, begging for ultimate promotions that we all know will never return and being constantly ignored. All this events are running on EU, maybe garbage but not as garbage as ours: https://en.aion.gameforge.com/website/news/events/CoinTrade_17022021/ https://en.aion.gameforge.com/website/news/events/CoastalMining_17022021/ https://en.aion.gameforge.com/website/news/general/WoF_585/
  4. The problems are not the events but the prizes they give. 1 good event was the 1 kinah retuning but we need ultimate xform event. Also events that give things that we cant get easily ingame like Socket Reset Stone Bundle, extendable weapon, Gemstones (class based) with chance to get dazzling, same as legendary xform with change to get an ultimate, ultimate enchants and manastones for new ppl and much more but prizes that actually work. This is the anniversary month, think first in the prizes than events
  5. How can something after two years where 90% of the players don't own, even working really hard, be considered appealing? It's a joke? This is a capture of a Korean player, he does not have one, not two, but all the ultimate transformations unlocked, even duplicates
  6. Simple, they are foused on BnS https://www.facebook.com/bladeandsoul/photos/pb.340891479440715.-2207520000.1563325959./1041340342729155/?type=3&theater They dont care Aion, we have to accept things as they are
  7. Do not worry, we do not expect anything from NA....
  8. Ohhh look what I found hahaha The Long Term With the 5.0 update just behind us, one of our top priorities is to improve the frequency of our game updates, and improve the communication surrounding them. In recent months, we've fallen further behind schedule than we would like to be, and this is obviously a problem. Also, it's not fair to our players to have to watch those from other regions enjoy an update for months on end, with little word from us about when that update will be out here. To that end, we are streamlining our update process and will be better about communicating with
  9. Send loggg, Send loggggg everytime in the same part..............
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