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  1. Armsfusion

    Thank you for your replies. But actually, never mind. I've used 80 ench stones to get from +10 to... +10. 80 stones cannot advance 5. This is unacceptable. Time to unistal.
  2. Armsfusion

    Hello, Thank you very much for your help, Arhangelos-KT. However, Gen PvE cannot be upgraded (i.e. purified) to Legendary rarity? If this is true, then it is unfortunate as it represents terrible news on my end, because I spent all my crystals on Gen PvE, having plans to upgrade to Legendary and focusing on PvE only. I was trying to avoid PvP stats (damage, def etc.) because I want play PvE, but now... offf. This is strange or inadequate at best. From scratch: 1. Gen Pvp +15 2. An armsfusion item needed - a retuned Gen PvE shall be used as a sacrifice? 3. Gen Pvp+15 armfusioned -> purify to Leg Gen Pvp 4. Leg Gen Pvp +15 5. An armsfusion item needed - here my game understanding/knowledge ends; what to sacrifice now? 6. Leg Gen Pvp +15 armfusioned -> purify to Ulti Gen Pvp 7. Ulti Gen Pvp +15 8. An armfusion item needed - even greater mistery. 9. Target reached. GG. This is the plan I imagine. I would be grateful if you could correct and complete it wherever necessary. Best wishes.
  3. Armsfusion

    Hello, I would very much appreciate if you could help me to clarify the armsfusion process in order to achieve the best possible end-game PvE polearm, by mentioning an accurate guideline with the following example: -the polearm is some genesis crystal PvE polearm (from now on Gen PvE) 1. What item is going to be sacrificied and combined with the Gen PvE? a. Another Gen PvE b. A Gen Pvp c. A Masterwork Monarch (i.e. PvE) d. A Masterwork Conqueror (i.e. PvP) e. Another polearm from your expertise - please mention - now ench to +15 and upgrade to Legendary 2. Is the new Legendary Gen PvE already considered to be armsfuioned or it behaves like a normal weapon (i.e. independent entity by keeping previous stats but clean per se - no armsfusion, manastones etc., as if bought new from a NPC)? a. It's a brand new item, clean, no modify applied b. It is considered already being armsfusioned c. Another answer - please mention - if it's a. , then the L Gen PvE can be armsfuioned with smth now => need again a sacrificial item 3. What item should be sacrificied and combined with the L Gen PvE? a. An exact copy of the L Gen PvE b. A non-armsfusioned Gen Pve upgraded to non-armsfusioned L Gen PvE c. Another answer - please mention Thank you for your time.