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  1. Daeva dash Glitch abusing.

    yeah same problem, he just flashed into the room like: hello im here to troll all your run with my glitch
  2. OMG THE LAG!!!

    =( lagg @Cyan
  3. Known Issues: Server Merge

    @Cyan can you give me any light about this? why we lagg like crazy and get massive Dcs in Elyos side DN server (idk about KT) and why always elyos and elyos, to be honest i dont want the clasic answer, something like maybe you need to buy a better pc or play in low graphis, i cant believe that a full alliance have a shitty pc and internet conection. https://i.imgur.com/OpfgtfF.jpg
  4. Haunted Energy Item Reward List

    WTT the Golden Mark Wings for Blood Medals at least pls no more golden wings just if possible