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  1. Why... Why mess up templars...>.>

    Even with the 6.5 buffs, templar will be nowhere close to other classes without the 6.5 bloodwind slash, ultimate reds, and the generous base auto dmg scaling we had in 5.x. The damage increases in 6.5 are a bandaid solution that "works" in the East only; they have a much better time in their gear progression than NA. Even then, templar is still suboptimal in class strength. Most templars in NA will never reach anything close to a real endgame set- doesn't matter pve or pvp. Play classes that scale with very little gear like ranger, cloths, or chains if you don't plan to spend well over 1k USD on the game to get anywhere. Gear deprivation from our lack of manastones for physicals doesn't help either if you plan to spend a lot. Play another class if you want to really get anywhere.
  2. Most of templar damage comes from 2 stats: attack speed and crit. Attack speed at an ancient transform isn't enough. Legendary and above are limited to events and cash shop. With the nerfs to the availability of crit stones, getting to 20% crit is hard without exchanged legendary/ultimate and above. The fact that crit manastones are also absurdly rare doesn't help either. I wanna know how other temps are faring without whaling our their gears(yes i spend a sub amount). I think until a generous event comes out, average templars will continue to stay the weakest class...
  3. Overall DPS rankings by class

    Do note that most of the posts on this thread are outdated(1 year ago). Speaking PvE, ToE and BoS(talking about NM and HM) were actually somewhat hard for their DPS requirements in early 5.6 to mid 5.6. There's no need to follow a tier list for classes anymore to pass content. All you need are a few super geared group members. A few discrepancies between now and then MB cap adjustment patch(2900 to 3200) Minions released(more attack scaling for physicals). RIP click forward stepping though for that 10% dmg boost; these annoying minions really get in the way. People starting to get Power 10s and then 12s meaning physicals scale way more than magic now Having a DPS cleric back then was honestly a burden for optimizing DPS. Support clerics should be dropping their DoTs so a stronger DPS slot could come in. It was really hard to pass without a strong physical setup in NA. With chanter/SoD they just scaled better than magic. It was the meta back then and is honestly still the meta now for you elitists out there. Tanks were a little relevant back then. Now it's whoever's more geared is tanking. Enchanting armor/weapon past 15 and accessories for PvE DMG Anyway, 6.0 is going to change everything, so what's best now is going to change like it did back then.
  4. Good joke. Easily wiping over 90% of people's gears in exchange for paper gear and letting the whales have some fun and truly intense pvp with us for the next few months . Love ya NCwest always doing the best for us.
  5. Kumuki's Daring Rescue Event Reward List

    relevant rewards! feelsblessed
  6. Broken Hearts Reward List

    level reduction stones? no way to obtain these in game minion items? When are we getting updated rewards lists
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - January 31, 2018

    Competitive rankings got bugged/disabled -both Tenacity rankings are gone -crucible spire is gone
  8. Best way for Kromede Minion?

    Cute Minion contract x 1000000 for any specific A rank minion
  9. when will it happen? can we get an announcement
  10. on KT-E, can't talk to NPC, mobs are all broken, etc
  11. About BoS/CoE gear purification

    Did you kill Unconscious, Shivering, or Cold Mahorosh?
  12. gj ncsoft

    terrible update overall. higher tier spinel coin gear is overpriced regardless if they purify into the new abyss gear. powerbook already showed that +7 was needed for PvP accs, +5 for PvE. However, ncwest did not add any additional source of temperings into the game minium/minion grind is far too inefficient for non-p2w players even after the update bastion of souls did not get nerfed for the NA playerbase. 99% of the playerbase can't pass normal mode. no point even starting talks about hard mode. It takes way too many weeks to get enough soulstones without more instance entries the grind to obtain the new abyss mats requires an unhealthy amount of grind. even when grinding every single pvp instance with siege, it will take a casual player more than 3 months to get even close to 3/4 of their set done. greywolf accessories not added at all magic boost cap not increased and soft cap removal of stats was not released
  13. Cradle of Eternity Ranger Guide ?

    terra skin when the floor lights up purple or have a chanter/templar pop a shield when that happens
  14. Overall DPS rankings by class

    For endgame group pve(74-75) with good ping/etc in Bastion of Souls/ ToE Tank 1. Glad ( P def reduction, dual wield, fast animation time for weaves, quick burst) Best tank for highest dps potential 2. Templar (quick burst, aoes, very hard to kill, highest aggro generation) Second best tank for overall damage and has extra support skills for group survivability 3. AT (strong permanent aggro, lots of aoes, slow animation skills) Wouldn't recommend this class solely for PvE, but it can hold its own in holding aggro even against the top tier dps. DPS is adequate but is definitely the weakest DPS 1. Sin- the king of auto attack and weaves. almost a second tank... 2. Sorc- The highest dps class due to burst power, but is squishy which forces a sacrifice on DPS for survivability. 3. Gunner- high burst(less than sorc), heavy range, . Can survive easier than sorc, but less than a sin. 4. Spirit master- infernal blight and spirit wall is extremely OP, but its personal DPS is not what it used to be. Would say it's more of a "support dps" slot when compared to a sorc. Songweaver- SoD, ok single target dps, decent single target healing, magic variant for spiritmaster as a "support dps" SW/SM are roughly in the same spot depends more on group composition 5. Ranger- wouldn't recommend this class unless you PvP. It lacks very strong burst compared to the top 3. DPS-wise it is not enough to pass current end-game content without being carried with top 3 classes. Cleric- should always have one in your group. A good cleric can solo heal all PvE content while being able to pull out DPS at the same time with both a knowledge and HP set Chanter- very much depends on group. If with a physical group it could easily be between 3 and 4 for group DPS value. With a mixed or magic group, it drops below spiritmaster and songweaver. This class is not designed for healing and pulls surprisingly good DPS. You pick it mainly for the instant cast shield. Support Chanter is highly inefficient. If placed in a category, support chanter would be at the absolute bottom of this lost for healing and DPS
  15. Event Harvester Equipment solution

    been running BoS on KT-E since the first month. i'd have to say that finding good dps in endgame pve now is very rare and we need these "toss out" events to boost people to adequate dps. It sounds really dumb... BoS gear to run BoS. However, it has been the same for many patches... like when people started needing mythics to enter IS. Rather than depending on only friends to carry instances, you start to get pop ups of "carried by gear" dps that can help alliance formation. In the end, BoS is just designed to be a grind like any other pve instance like aion. Events like these that they bring help artificially make people into "stronger players" so they can be ran consistently to prepare for the next patches. Tossing out true endgame gear is no surprise anymore for an endgame aion player, they've done that with almost every patch for money now. people who are disappointed quit, but most move on...