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  1. Unplayable as a west coast player if you want to enjoy all parts of endgame. Stable 100 ping might've been alright but fluctuating 100-200 is a big nope- better to play something else
  2. Events should encourage people to actually play the game... run sieges, run instances, and farm open world. Over half of these events that we've had has led to some form afk activity on alts or are completely P2W. Not much different from a cookie clicker gacha lately
  3. @Kibbelz The update removed the Aetherforge masters event early ^see above post
  4. There are so many better ways to get the rewards from the event without actually participating in the event... Trade-in prices should be much lower... who makes these events???
  5. @Kibbelz Can your team please look more into the introductory level 80 experience? Most of the changes you have listed are completely irrelevant for someone returning or new to the game. Everything in the the top 10, with the exception of transformations, only benefits people already deep into later game content. Gear gap will only get more clearly defined with these changes...
  6. Started 7.5 from a fresh character with absolutely nothing. 1. Access to permanent transformations. New players can't reliably do anything at all without atleast a legendary grade transformation. Limits new players to mainly open world content for months UNLESS they pay 50 dollars for a contract in BCM. 2. Cubic system needs to be more accessible and easy to farm. Base statline cubicles are completely inaccessible in the game because of disgustingly low drop rates that are an insult to game experience; if you did not play in previous patches, you're already at a permanent stat
  7. At the start of 7.5, the ingisson trico mobs and some balaur mobs in open world had a barely manageable drop rate for the bronze, silver, and gold base stat cubicles. BUT.. after some maintenances, their drop rates have been indirectly impacted in a negative way because of general drop rate nerfs to open world mobs. It's now IMPOSSIBLE to access this content with a fresh account that did not play half a year ago with the old cubic lab instance. Instances and quests do not give a way to complete any of the stat cubicle trees. Players can't even pay-to-win this content because t
  8. The bundles like 150 titan coin for a single cubic or 30 mobs in lakrum for 1 cubic when you need thousands is ridiculous. It would take years to finish base stat cubics with how it is... Is this an intended feature to block out content or am I missing a way to grind these?
  9. Which instances drop daevonian skill marks? Of them, which ones are easy to grind with minimal gear(risiel set)? Are there any secret mobs in ingi, katalam, or demaha that drop ultimate gear boxes?
  10. Using kaisinel, so i'm attack speed over capped. People have told me that having a dagger with a harvester offhand over enchanted is the best(obviously can't +20 a harvester offhand anymore). What is the 2nd best alternative for mid to lategame stats( using the new crit soft caps, i don't know anything about this)? dagger one hand, dagger-dagger, dagger-sword? Thanks, new to sin... haven't played much since 6.0
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