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  1. For those of you that want siel's aura tradeable, wouldn't that just encourage botting/botters? they'd have 24/7 access to all drops and kinah drops making more money for them and that would make it even more profitable to bot.
  2. Absolutely not. To me personally, part of what killed retail was the events. Making an alt army and using them for these events became more important than actually playing the game normally. You want some scrolls? Go level crafting or do stuff in game to make kinah and buy them.
  3. @Kibbelzwhat's going on with this? pretty bad start if we can't even give you money for a sub or play properly without one
  4. my wife and i aren't able to purchase the subs either. this is pretty terrible considering the amount of money these people make and it's the first day of the sub being needed. pretty ridiculous they run their company this way.
  5. Where exactly is all this candy money going? You guys are making bank off that stuff and can't even keep bots out from the MAIN way people communicate where everyone can see who types in LFG chat
  6. I'm really disappointed, but I'm glad I kinda expected it and didn't purchase anything. Sucks to see the posts on here for people that spent money and regret it or people/groups of people leaving because of this whole debacle. I was really looking forward to 50 dredge again (probably my favorite game mode from any mmo), but sadly I won't be sticking around.
  7. Not a guest either and not happy about the candies. People wanted to experience classic and start over on an even playing field. It looked like it would be since they had a sub and a daeva pass plus a cash shop in order to make money. Pretty sure nobody expected there to be tens of millions of kinah made from nothing on the first day. I would've definitely paid a bunch for a sub and cosmetics since I'd happily support the game if there weren't paid advantages, but nah, they had to double dip. If i wanted a p2w Aion then i'd just go play retail. I'd prefer if they didn't do the candie
  8. Why? It's not like NC is going to magically start putting more money into the game, look at retail. At least if they kept the candies out then they could've kept a lot of players meaning lots of sub money to put in better security measures against kinah selling, bots, hackers, etc. A dream though, look at how p2w the retail version is and they don't even bother doing it there either. This version looks like it will go the same exact route except they won't even have to put in as much work because most of it's already done.
  9. So glad my wife and I didn't buy any founder packs or give this company money for this game, what a joke. They now have a second p2w aion game
  10. This is honestly absolutely ridiculous at the nyerking launch. get rid of the paid advantages and do a rollback. if not of the server then for all the accounts that have gained kinah from paid items. if this is how launch is going then there's no way in hell i'm going to main this game. @Kibbelzhow exactly was this stuff not already seen as being a problem? the candies, the enchantment boxes from the daeva pass, the AP. people want to play aion without paid advantages and this is part of the reason so many people have quit retail over the years and you guys are just living up to you
  11. Then get the stuff that gives an advantage out of there. A big reason that people don't play retail anymore is because of p2w. My wife and I are right on the edge of not wanting to play classic considering NCsoft's reputation (we played before and watch retail go downhill) and the items that give advantages even at the very start of the game. We already turned down retail Aion and were looking forward to this, but with this being just the start and with these items, we definitely won't be maining this game. Too many games coming out soon so there are now options and we will be going with o
  12. https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Update_History That has not only 7.5, but also 7.7 patch notes translated so I'm not sure what you're trying to say. I didn't see the odian skills translated or any other lists and wondered if I might be overlooking it.
  13. Where can we see a list of these odian skills? i checked out powerbook and can't find a decently translated page of them.
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