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  1. Hooray! I was just able to apply the serial codes for the pack and the rewards!
  2. The prestige system has to be massively borked, or support would have just restored the pack and rewards directly to the accounts of anyone who has submitted a ticket.They should not be selling prestige packs until they get this fixed! There has been no reply from support since they said they were aware of the problem last week.
  3. Well, payment maintenance is finished and prestige pack codes are still bugged. Same error message as before when trying to choose a server. Come on guys! This is costing us!
  4. Yes as of 1 minute ago. The prestige pack on my other account has just renewed and the same thing happened. No server choices available when trying to apply the serial code. I submitted a ticket this morning, but no reply yet.
  5. When trying to apply the prestige pack to my character, no server names appear in the choose server window.
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