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  1. Mirash Sanctum bug

    I feel like Support is playing idiot on purpose... Me - Wednesday at 20:48 Dear Support Team, I was doing Mirash Sanctum to collect the event items. However, as I was killing the Key Keeper mob, the key did not drop and the mob corpse disappeared. So I cannot open the Soul Vault door and progress in the instance. I lost my run. I attached screenshots. As you can see, the mob that drops the key is not there anymore, I already killed it, but there is no key in my inventory. May I request a reset scroll so that I can redo this run? Thank you! Aion0026.jpg (700 KB) Aion0029.jpg (600 KB) Aion0027.jpg (700 KB) Aion0025.jpg (600 KB) Aion0028.jpg (700 KB) GM - Yesterday at 03:45 Hello, Thanks for contacting Aion Support. I checked our logs surrounding this issue, and unfortunately in this case, we are unable to restore lost entries into the instance as you have benefited from it. Keep in mind that we can only assist in cases of major server instability which caused your character to be unable to complete the instance. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Regards, GM **** NCSOFT Support Team Me - Yesterday at 04:00 Hi, In what way did I benefit from it? I was unable to complete it, so I did not get the loot from the last boss. I had to teleport out mid-way and start a new run because I couldn't progress due to the bug mentioned above. GM - Yesterday at 19:19 Hello, I understand that you wish to obtain the rewards for your Mirash Sanctum run; however, as we've checked our logs we found that you received the following: Starlight Membrane 2x Kirshka Reward Box 2x Seirein Minion Contract 30x Grade Minium 2x [Event] Prestige Supplies That being said, I'm afraid we are unable to provide another entry. What we can advise is to please retry to run the instance and if this issue still occurs, please provide a video evidence so that we may look further into it. Regards, GM **** NCSOFT Support Team Me - Today at 03:58 Hi, Those loots you just mentioned I got either the runs before, or the runs after the bugged one. I was trying to do 5 complete Mirash Sanctum runs one after the other. 4 out of 5 of those runs had no issues and I looted the boss like normal. But one run did have the bug, and I could not finish the instance thus loot the boss. During that 1 run I was forced to teleport out of the instance. Without the key it's impossible to progress.
  2. This Event....

    Yeah... I did all my runs on my main yesterday. And also did some of it on an alt. Feel like I'm getting punished just because I actually play the game. Also, the way I understood it, everyone gets the survey. Even people who haven't done their runs yesterday. So yes, it does not make it better for people who already burned their entries.
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Okay, I don't want to be that person who always complains, and I really appreciate that you listen to us for once and try to issue a fix. However, what about those people who have already done their runs yesterday?
  4. Mirash Sanctum bug

    No. I immediately went to loot the mob. Or more like, went to try to loot it, since it was empty and the body disappeared immediately. Anways, I agree that this is super weird, I just wish support did something...
  5. Mirash Sanctum bug

    Hey guys, So this is actually the second time that this has happened to me. Before the soul vault, you need to collect a key from a mob to open the door. However, the key keeper mob was empty, thus I could not progress in the instance and had to start a brand new run. First time this happened a few weeks ago I didn't really care, because it's just Mirash. But today I did, because of the event items. I submitted a ticket with screenshots attached that showed my inventory without the key and the key keeper mob not being there anymore. I got the following response: Thanks for contacting Aion Support. I checked our logs surrounding this issue, and unfortunately in this case, we are unable to restore lost entries into the instance as you have benefited from it. Keep in mind that we can only assist in cases of major server instability which caused your character to be unable to complete the instance. ?????? How did I benefit from the instance, if I was unable the complete it and thus loot the last boss due to a bug that was out of my control? Getting useless junk the random mobs drop or what? Is that the big benefit? This is ridiculous lol. Anyways I just wanted to bring this here and ask if this has ever happened to you, I guess. Or am I the only one so unlucky?
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    After 4 Mirash and 4 CoE runs, I have 75 event items. High key impossible to get anywhere near 1200 in 2 weeks unless you have unlimited Luna to reset... >.>
  7. Returning cleric needs some help

    Oh yeah, I know. Sorry I didn't word it well. What I wanted to say is that you can only choose 2 stats, and I prioritized HP and cast speed on the mace. You can't have HB/HP and cast speed all at the same time.
  8. Returning cleric needs some help

    Thanks for the replies everyone, it was super helpful! I should have all my ancients soon (missing shoulders, gloves and bracelet), hopefully COE will be nice to me this week after reset lol. I have always prioritised support, so my HP/HB set will be the top priority for sure. I don't like to dps in groups at all. I went cleric because I like healing, after all. If I wanted dpsing, I would of chosen a dps class. Anyways, I will still make a pve dps set eventually, mainly because I need it when I want to solo something. As @Capa-KT suggested, I will skip dps set with ancients, and will only start working on it once I have full legendary heal set. As for pvp.. .well, eventually I will get to it I guess? +15ing and then purification, rinse and repeat seems too annoying right now, so... yeah. Probably wouldn't have done it before 7.0 anyways. I will start collecting the crystals though, that won't hurt. This is actually a super awesome idea. I didn't even think about it, so thanks so much. I will stick to my +15 IS mace for now then, it's socketed full HP and has heal boost, so I don't lose out on any of that. It even has more HP than the COE one actually, plus COE doesn't come with heal boost...so yeah. And I get the cast speed too. Perfect=) As for minions... I looked at the skills each one has... Viola seems pretty useful? I'm not sure about Hyperion though. Increased PVE+PVP defense seems pretty good, but the other skill, the 3% chance of damage reduction when you are attacked... does that actually... proc sometimes? 3% seems super low.
  9. Hi guys, I decided to come back to the game after about 2 years of break. I left sometime in early 5.x, so most of these endgame instances are new to me. I saw that many many other things have changed and I'm a bit confused at the moment. I got my cleric to level 80 no problem however it seems that every gear she had is pretty much useless now? She had IS set socketed HP for PVE healing, AC coin set with staff socketed magic boost for PVE dps, and I don't remember her pvp sets exactly, but I think she had a lvl 65 abyss set (the orange one) socketed MR, and an arena set socketed block. I heard that there was a full stat revamp, so most of this can't be used anymore? Should I just like... throw it out or what? lol this is probably a dumb question but it feels like all the effort is literally out in the window. What about pure plumes and bracelets? I saw on the broker that there are better ones so this is also for the bin, right? As for the PVE gear progresson in this patch, I was reading around the forums a bit, and if I understood correctly, the first step after getting the free quest gear is Mirash/COE to get the first set. And for support I would have to tune it HP/heal boost, and maybe get a second set for dps and tune it...what? Magical attack? I assume magic boost is also non-existent at this point. Would it be worth it to enchant / socket them, or just move on to the next set of instances which would be Bastion of Souls and Frozen Monolith? Get the legendary gear from there and enchant/socket that instead. Like, are these doable with non-enchanted COE gear? I also heard that there is no such thing as magical staff anymore, so I would have to use mace + shield for dps as well? And about PVP... well I guess that's where my main confusion is lol. So I saw that there are NPCs in Lacrum, where you can buy ancient pvp gear, which you can purify to legendary and then ultimate when they are +15. However, I read somewhere that 7.0 is coming soon so this approach is not worth it at this point and people are advised to keep their enchantment stones/kinah for the new upcoming set instead? Also, what do clerics need to tune/socket this patch for pvp? I know block and MR doesn't really exist anymore. Would I have to get multiple sets and socket it all differently to max out certain stats, or am I going to do just fine with only one? And for the end, totally random, but which minion is the best for cleric?:) Thanks guys!