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  1. Okay. Recently returned player that last played around 4.0 when the cool kids would go to Abyss and grind AP to get gear. Now there is not an abyss and not sure how all that works to be honest. I do know I'm horribly under geared even at 80 now which I attained somewhat quickly from initially 64 upon return. So there are these instances I guess now where some gear is available. Apparently the paid monthly people get more shots at them during a given time period which is cool. My question is: How many players are these tuned for? 1, 2, 3, 6? Full groups? Also, how much are timers us
  2. What HP\Mana level should I have?
  3. As a recently returned player who is clueless about current gearing issues with my class(cleric) it would be cool to have a profile system like they do in Everquest (Magelo) where you can see how the best of the best gear themselves.
  4. okay...i can do that. Thanks. My only other problem I am not sure anyone can help with...as a 78 cleric I have 32k hp and 29k mana and I just got one shot killed by an asmo in Lakrum..... clearly I have a lot to learn.
  5. I figured out some of the problem...but still no luck hand buff....
  6. I have the repose buff as always....but nothing else.
  7. I know I dont have the buff. Also, no chests are offered or appear in my inventory.
  8. Well, I found the prestige coin. Everything else is craftily concealed...somewhere I dont mind reading manuals and "how to's" but didnt think the monthly benefits would be this much of a "find it" type quest.
  9. Wow Devils...Thanks. You outdid yourself! I will need go through your reply with my client running to see if I can find all your references.
  10. Per the subject title....what does this give me and why should I do it or not do it? My wife and I quit Aion the first time before FTP moved in when the Abyss was still a thing..... Just because I want to support the game I went ahead and paid 15 for the first month. I just can't detect what if anything was gotten from that purchase.
  11. So what then presents the difficulty? My wife and I came back literally a week ago and with not too much playtime have been going from quest to quest getting incredible exp rewards as we both close in on 73\74.....
  12. Thanks...how strange. For all the time we played before it was kind of the focal point.
  13. I thought I saw what was a reference to the abyss no longer being a part of Aion? Did I misread? (Totally possible)
  14. Thanks. Any new information is welcomed. The welcome back quests seem to be geared toward getting people at least a few quick levels.
  15. The forum wont even let me change my name....I guess that means you've been out of the loop for awhile. But on topic here, I am assuming theses references to "go here" or "go there" assume level 80, correct?
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