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  1. It is there where I get the doubt, if that were the case of only obtaining a box in everything that the event goes, the most logical thing would be that they should remove the box from the npc, since, ALL the accounts obtained the survey reward, that was my case i bought the box with the 50 items that I was farming all this time, this situation could be happening to anyone and more for those percentage of people in the game that their main language is not English and I speak for many people that it is a situation that has always existed forever every time there is an event for those who do no
  2. I received a response from our technical support team and they told me that it is only 1 key for the entire event that will last, in the same way they invited me to brainstorm together with you to see if there is a possibility of obtaining a second key, since they cant reset it or either unlock it the limit purshase item from BCM, if you guys still have your 50 items my advice is do not buy a second pixel transform box until we get a reply from our dear friends. lets try to find a solution!
  3. but we still we runing out of keys if you pursharse the box from hanbok event, that makes sense?
  4. I have a doubt, now that with got gift they gave us from obtaining a selection pixel legend box, to open it ofc you need the key box, i know we can get it for free at the BCM store but, the hanbok event also gives you the option to buy the same selection pixel box but it seems we Can't get a second key, does anyone know if we can get the key again? And if it is reset, when is it reset because as far i know the event ends on 10/21/2020
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