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  1. I had high hopes for this patch but I’m quickly realizing how much of an issue everything being described here is. I have been playing a consistent 4-5 hours a day since the release of 6.2 and on a good day I’ve gotten 2 or 3 legendary stones. And more often than not they fail. Now I would have absolutely no issues with this system if everyone was on the same page. If we all had to grind 6 months to see our first ultimate piece, so be it. That’s a challenge, and a lot of us love a good challenge. But we’re not all on the same page. For the first time, ever, a new patch is released and from day 1 there’s deep wallet players running around like supermen among peasants. For the first time, you see players who are able to 1v6 or 1v10 in open world and win. And they’ll keep on winning. Because it’s impossible to bridge that gap on 2 legendary stones a day. Whining aside, I’m not terribly concerned with the pvp imbalance because that’s not my priority in the game. I know the NC business model enough to know that I can just wait 6-8 months and the nice things will come raining down from events. Then I’ll consider not Afking all my pvp instances. But what about the new and returning players? Are we supposed to bash them for not selecting the new server? Or are we supposed to tell old friends that haven’t logged on since 4.5-4.9 that they should just quit again because there’s no real way for them to actually catch up to all the players with the compensation goodies? More than once Ive seen old friends logging in for the first time after a long break and I’m asked for advice on gearing up for PvP in this new patch. And more than once I’ve had to watch their interest instantly fade away because there’s nothing they can physically do (be it grinding or MasterCard) to catch up with existing players and have a fun experience.
  2. Just Bragging

    You poor soul, it must be so difficult completing quests and killing world mobs when you play on the faction that has dominated pvp since merge... Those gosh darn guard-hugging elyos zergs make it so difficult to fill out the Atreian Bestiary
  3. Nothing is Wrong With The Rewards List

    Two hours of brain-numbing farming for 1 omega isn't balanced at all. It does nothing to balance you with the people who farmed 100 omegas the first day. Because you aren't going to spend 200 hours farming fatties. Even if you wanted to, there no more leagues out farming. Now you have to deal with max geared trolls from the other faction going around to stop people from farming a few coins here and there. Why did people stop? Oh right, because the prices aren't balanced, they're outrageous.
  4. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    They don't have to change the prices. They can just end this event now and put it out of its misery. And at least acknowledge this as the proper f*** up that it is and apologize for it instead of brushing us off and throwing more crap up on BCM to milk us for a quick buck before all the prestige cancellations put them out of business.
  5. Nothing is Wrong With The Rewards List

    2 hours of farming is an acceptable price for 1 omega? Back when we had Smoldering Fire Temple people were farming upwards of 30 omega a day. NC didn't seem bothered then... One omega simply isn't worth 2 hours of your time. Also, 6.0 is coming soon. When 5.0 was getting close to release, they reintroduced the bootleg event and handed out free Mythic 65 AP gear to anyone who could afford a few enchantment stones, along with near free +5 officer accessories. Just because you'd like to enjoy your exclusive full level 80 club a little longer, doesn't mean it isn't time to make that set a little more accessible to the casual players before they get fed up and quit the game. Speaking of which, a lot of them already have. Enjoy pvp'ing training dummies with your new +20 commander set ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    You are one dense.... In 4.9, end game mythic 65 gear was basically handed out for free with bootleg events and such. It's pretty typical for Aion to release game-breaking OP stuff, let the whales and elites enjoy them for 4-6 months, then hand them out to everyone else to enjoy for a few months before the next big patch renders it all useless. That said, no one will be farming 100 omegas a day if they were, say, 100 coins each. That's still 1 hour of farming per omega. You can farm 16 at the most, assuming you need some sleep in your life. But that's just one proposed solution. There have been many solutions offered from the community that would be far more pleasing and not break the economy or NCwest's wallet. The real solution would have been to change the fatties to group loot and reroll the servers a day to undo the damage from day 1. We would still have an amazing event that helps many casual players close the gap between them and the elites in +30 commander gear. Instead we now have a useless event. We have every right to be angry. Doesn't mean we think dropping prices back to 10 coins per omega is a good idea. Just means we feel ignored and unappreciated, and we are angry.
  7. Dont buy temperings and omegas from bcm

    I stand with the boycot. Don't cave in for those level reductions stones guys!
  8. Unscheduled Server Maintenance - March 23, 2018

    I have never seen players from all sides so united... it's beautiful
  9. Logical and clean solution

    Well, it was the intended mechanic of this event. And all the original prices were set in accordance with that mechanic. And you're right to an extent. If the fatties were the only way of obtaining coins, and they were set to group loot, this event would turn very toxic very quickly. But you can also farm coins from normal mobs on your own. That means the rewards are accessible to all. Maybe not equally accessible, but aion has always rewarded the elites more than the casuals. Of course that's impossible now and your choices are reduced to zombie farming or gtfo. In essence league loot is what ruined this event entirely, so it is definitely not the lesser of the two evils
  10. Tia Eye NPC and rewards

    Before the price jack you could solo junk mobs around the eye and farm 5 coins in about 10 minutes (assuming you have slow feet and mobs are scarce). 10 minutes to a soulstone. That's pretty good incentive to join this event and have a good time doing it. Big thanks to all the guys who started forming leagues day 1 and forever ruined this event. You knew that Tia mobs were never set league loot. You knew you were abusing the event when you did it. But you did it anyway because you're a Dave. And Daves always mess things up for other people.
  11. End The Tia Eye Event Please

    If someone is a PVE-only player, and wants to go into the Tia Eye... I got some bad news for you.
  12. End The Tia Eye Event Please

    I'm not bothered at all. I only use this event to PvP and meet some cool asmos. My point is that this uncertainty hurts players more than having their loot ninja'd by elites. A good chunk of my friends list gave up on the event the moment the npc was removed. As did many other players. Some people hate to gamble with their time, its simply in their nature. Some other guys were saying this earlier and I couldn't agree more. With group loot we would've had a fun little pvp/pve event with lots of people running around solo or in small groups. Sure you wouldn't get all the fatties or tons of coins, but the coins you got from mobs made an impact. And you could still benefit from the rewards of this event while still having fun. The only players who benefit more from league loot than group loot are the level 66-68 guys in cygnea campaign quest gear. If you are participating in this event, its likely that you do it because you want the soulstones. Meaning you already have level 75 AP gear. You should be able to join a group and have a competitive chance even against elite players. You should not , however, be crying because you think group loot will drive a bigger gap between you and other players.
  13. End The Tia Eye Event Please

    Because we have no word on when the npc will come back or what the prices will be like. Doing the event is a complete gamble right now. Npc could come back tomorrow. Or it could just get tossed into Iluma 3 months from now. And with 6.0 being as close as it is, every day you don't get to spend your coins brings you a little closer to their rewards being obsolete. That's assuming the npc comes back at all. NC could just announce that the economic repercussions would be too severe and not allow you to spend your coins at all. Wouldn't be the first time they promised something but never delivered...
  14. End The Tia Eye Event Please

    Why does everyone seem to think that group loot means a full group of elites in +30 level 80 Commander gear will jump out of the woods and ninja your fatty? Even now with guaranteed loot, you see most of the geared players out looking for pvp instead of zombie farming. If you're so concerned about the casual players and the f2p guys catching up to the elites, put yourself in their shoes for a moment. Whats better for you: 1. Group loot. Prices as intended. Can easily farm 50-100 coins a day just killing mobs and a few fatties. Elites farm a bit more than you do, oh well. Npc is available to sell upgrade mats. Every day you inch a little closer to those gosh darn pvp elites. 2. Alliance loot. Mindless farming. Can obtain way more coins. Elites get the same amount as you. Means nothing if soulstones get jacked up to 50 coins a pop. You have wasted away 2 weeks farming 6k coins. NCsoon promises to bring back the npc. In the meantime you will enjoy 2 months of constant losing in pvp because they have their lvl 80 gear and you don't. But you have 6k coins. Yay.
  15. Power up Event

    I'm no enchanting guru, but I can say that in my experience its extremely unlikely that you'll punch through a bad luck streak by pouring more kinah and tears into an item. If you feel like you're failing too much, resist the temptation to think "surely the next one will go in". Take a break and come back to it later. Unless you can afford to keep punching with your fat fat wallet. Likewise, if you find yourself riding a rainbow-pooping unicorn dragon lovechild of an RNG streak, ride it out and see where it takes you. Don't cower away from using that 5th Omega just because the last 4 were successful and you know in your heart a fail is coming your way. I've done some of my best enchanting works while riding the RNG unicorn dragon hybrid.
  16. bring back old drop rate for Adma TTC exct.

    *Sets down cane and cracks knuckles* Back in my day, you could spend 5 straight hours in Sauro spamming 1k runs and not see one mythic drop for your class. And 85 runs later, you DE your 2 mythic pieces and farm the full Kahrun set like a real man would!
  17. Welcome to the New Aion Forums

    First time logging into Aion forums since 2009. Woot!