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  1. That’s just who they are. It’s all “we hear you,” but nothing ever gets done. They heard us about the candies on release. Did they do anything? Nope, just basically told us thats how it is. They heard us about bots, and are “supposedly” working to ban them. Has that made any difference? Nope. Bots are still everywhere and in groups/legions. We brought up how the Daeva pass is too expensive and unnecessary since launch. Did they do anything there. Nope, except bug it for a maintenance fix. You guys can keep trying, but face it, they’ll never address anything you want to be f
  2. What is your goal after this? To sue them with all the lawyers they probably have? If so, good luck with that. You don’t have to reiterate something again when the kinah issue is already all over the forums. Most people probably made up their mind by now as to whether they want to play or not. And NCSoft knows about this per Kibblez initial reply….as if you think 20 more posts about it will somehow intimidate them beyond comprehension? I suggest adding to a current post about the kinah issue and not renaming it to an aggressive one and trying to get people’s attention. Is it re
  3. Thats like going to a car dealership and buying a 2004 used mazda when the sales rep says “hey, we’ve lowered the price of this vehicle from 150k to 100k.” The price is still outrageous, but nonetheless you say “wow” and buy the car. Thats how oblivious people are in this game.
  4. @Amiteah-KTOh rly, just $500? Thats it? Just $500? “Wow look, from 2k down to $500.” You are a perfect example of how sucker the Aion player base truly is.
  5. @Cheesecake-DNAgreed. Good to have you in one of my posts btw mate. @Rapier-DNik, Aion used to be a great game and now its pretty much reducing itself to dust. Let the feeders feed this game with the last of their savings. Its their fault NCSoft keeps putting in P2W events because the players foolishly accept it and keep paying and paying and paying. Ever wonder why you never see a discount on Black Cloud Coin and only items in the BCM btw?? If this isn’t obvious idk what is.
  6. Does anyone realize how much money NCSoft is charging people for an ultimate xform? Or is everyone too blind from loving the game that they fail to realize it? The amount of money that NCSoft wants to people to spend on their game is OUTRAGEOUS in comparison to all other MMOS out there. And its not just on a one time basis nonono — its for every other event pretty much. Over $500 for one ultimate xform? Ask youself: is an ulti xform really worth over $500? If you’re answer is yes, then I feel sorry for you. I just bought a new 50 inch wall tv for my bedroom lol and its way cheaper than an
  7. They are trying to listen - I get that, and I understand that Kibblez and the community team only have so much authority to make changes. However, over the course of Aion’s life, the only simple solution seems to be “Ok, let’s give the community what they want, but put it in the BCM.” Thus, p2w. Sure, its a f2p business model, but Aion also 2 pay routes: -Prestige model -BCM As a free player, you pretty much get nowhere in the game. You have to pay to get somewhere. Or you pretty much get wrecked. So yes - free to play. But free to suck NCSoft can make thousands of ch
  8. Wait a second...the NPC needs 15 [BCM] stones for one +9 stigma? If you buy the bundle for 4000 BC Coin, you get 35 normal stones and 15 [BCM] stones... I thought if you bought this pack you could get 3 +9 stigmas because you get 50 total stones. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I am wrong here? i was gonna spend a bit on this event at first, but after reading it again, it turns out you get one +9 stigma for 100 bucks because you have to buy the bundle for the 15 BCM stones! If so, what a rip off, and I ain’t spending a freaking dime. Don’t pull something like this and expe
  9. You want my advice chief? Well I am going to be honest with you. Don’t give Aion another shot. Save yourself the time, agony, and money and just resort to a different MMO. Aion is so p2w, full of bugs, unbalanced, and barely even supported by NCSoft staff. Count the issue you’re having as a blessing, as its preventing you from starting a long, depressing, expensive, painful journey. And I’m telling this you also as a returning player. I came back to Aion around 6 months ago, and its reduced to pretty much crap. I know we get that urge to come back, but if you do, you’ll probably regr
  10. Is the game dead? Well, I think it isn’t dead yet but the population is slowly dropping. On DN, its hard to find any PVP outside of sieges nowadays (excluding Katalam here because thats cross server). Most people pvp in Katalam, and even with that, I wasn’t finding nearly as much people as I thought I would when I traversed the whole map. If you log on more toward peak times, I guess you may find enough pvp to be satisfied. Outside of that, don’t expect much. I slowed down on the game a lot because nothing really feels rewarding anymore. Especially if you are new, the game will probably b
  11. Look at the amount of problems in your game right now: 1. Ever(gone) Canyon 2. Lugbug transfer glitch & Red Katalam 3. Sieges are now PvE focused bec of GP mobs and box 4. No normal kinah gain 5. No normal EXP gain 6. IB bugged and prob will never be fixed 7. Selective retune cost is insane 8. Enchant stone box purchase limited to 5 per week 9. No good costumes on BCM 10. Solutions to feedback are more “lets put item on BCM”.....daev essence, luna for minion vault reset....rather than actually putting in a way for players to earn them in ga
  12. Ok soooo......... From the feedback update, what I can see is: Xforms - pay for kaisenel? since leg xforms are gonna be nerfed this just increases the skill gap. now people who have kaisenel/marchutan are going to roll over anyone unless ofc you pay to get ulti xform Stigma stone safe - pay for more stigma stones at a CHANCE to get +15 stigmas. When theres no safe at +12 MV - Pay for luna resets, get your grade S minion faster.... Daev essence - pay for these, get your ulti skills faster As far as I am concerned, all this does is make people who fork over their wa
  13. Vandals were able to melt people in 2 seconds and technically they still can even with the nerfs. Just ask “yikes” from KT and I’m sure he can show you how OP vandals still are. How about us SMs - look at our fears, which are the primary benefit of our class: -can no longer fear xforms -while feared, your physical and magic def is increased by 1000 now -our insta fear also increases physical and magic def by 1000 while feared But have you heard us complain about it?........ Maybe you should be a little more grateful here that your class is still decent.
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