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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 13, 2019

    GP reset tomorrow as well?
  2. Any slight hints on Red Katalam yet?

    Well, guess I’ll go with soon then
  3. I figured since Red Katalam was announced for EU, can we get any hints yet?
  4. Updated Issues List

    Here is an updated list of issues currently in the game that I see. Feel free to add to this because I know I’m not going to catch all of them. 1) IB is broken, glitchy, and makes the game crash 2) Prestige case rewards are not updated 3) Demaha fortress- fixed? Says it was according to last post but balaur still inside dux room so......fixed? 4) Evergale canyon....thats all to say on that 5) Vandals beam power through the roof....but I expect this will change since people want a reason to play it now... Those are just 5 issued to be aware of. Please add to this list. Cyan, review please. Thanks
  5. Ya I mean come on, the fact that these issues have been going on this long is just absolutely absurd and theres no excuse at all. Its just a frustrating instance thats meant to make people frustrated
  6. For example... 1. the “invisible box” that you get stuck in very often 2. the crashing 3. waiting 10 min if no enemy team...reduce this time? Please do something. These have been annoyances for months!
  7. This will be a good way to re-visit old content and fill those maps with life for some time. Hear these thoughts: 1. Give people a reason to go back there. Say, kill 10 elyos or 10 asmos in the appropriate region (and around your level ofc course) and get rewarded. This can be like the Lakrum or Demaha kill quests but better rewards. 2. Disable kisking in the area for the enemy faction (e.g no kisking for asmos is Heiron). this will prevent lowbies from being camped for a long period of time. Lets face it tho, people won’t be seeing many lowbies walking around anyways. 3. Make rifting only available for an hour or 2 or at a few different times of the day. This will allow most people to attend and feel just like the good ole days. I hope you will take this feedback into account. Rifting can be fun if people choose to enjoy it again and bring back some old content zones to life. Thoughts?:)
  8. Any update on Demaha siege release?

    thank you
  9. As stated, any updates on this? I thought I heard on stream it was supposed to be around a month after mark of the vandal release?
  10. Why does only the conquering legion of the altar get to do the mob quests each week? This should be faction based - if you own the altar and you are the same faction, you should be able to do the altar quests. The fact that you have to be in that same legion too is so unnecessary. Now you got people turning on each other in the same faction just because they are in a different legion and instead of elyos vs asmo now its asmo guild vs asmo guild vs elyos guild vs elyos guild. Please make altar quests available for everyone in the same faction! World bosses I can understand since its league based but PLEASE at least change the altar system. Its so unnecessary because all it does is make the strong stronger and the leaves the lower geared people at a disadvantage. And no, not all guilds invite people willingly. Make it fair for everyone please!
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 7, 2019

    Thank you Cyan. Thats great news
  12. Simple - with our wallets. Don’t fall for their event scams and don’t pay for stupid things on the BCM with your $$(such as 10 pvp stones for 3400 BCC)....clearly NCSoft won’t listen to what we have to say on the forum so the only way we can speak is by what we pay for because that is clearly what they pay attention to most. Only pay for stuff that benefits you in the long run. Prestige is ok (or the most reasonable thing we can possibly pay for because of the fighting frags)but until we change that I can’t see how they will change anything else. If NCSoft sees they can make money from events like this that will only encourage them to do more and more of the same thing. What do you guys think? Put your wallet out of action and it may speak louder than words because our posts clearly aren’t being listened to. If we just keep opening our wallets blindly, then don’t expect anything to change in my opinion....make ncsoft say “hey, we see high sales from this, so lets put more of this in” to good things and not garbage things like event cash grabs
  13. Please Cyan

    Cyan, I will make this short and sweet. I know you are only capable of doing certain things but please listen to what the players have to say. Even by saying a simple reply such as “ok” or that you will send it up tells us that you are listening and doing something to at least show you hear us. Aion is a great game despite its pay to win focus and I don’t want it to die. Just please take at least some of our suggestions into account or let us know if things are being considered. Just communicate to us frequently, that is all that I ask. Thank you, Fearemall