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  1. Stigma enchant event catch?

    Wait a second...the NPC needs 15 [BCM] stones for one +9 stigma? If you buy the bundle for 4000 BC Coin, you get 35 normal stones and 15 [BCM] stones... I thought if you bought this pack you could get 3 +9 stigmas because you get 50 total stones. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I am wrong here? i was gonna spend a bit on this event at first, but after reading it again, it turns out you get one +9 stigma for 100 bucks because you have to buy the bundle for the 15 BCM stones! If so, what a rip off, and I ain’t spending a freaking dime. Don’t pull something like this and expect us to be blind to it. I hope I’m wrong, but knowing NCSoft and there prices, I doubt it.
  2. Will NCSoft close for COVID 19?

    Ah, ok. Good to know, thanks
  3. Aion Failed to restart (DirectX failed to install)

    You want my advice chief? Well I am going to be honest with you. Don’t give Aion another shot. Save yourself the time, agony, and money and just resort to a different MMO. Aion is so p2w, full of bugs, unbalanced, and barely even supported by NCSoft staff. Count the issue you’re having as a blessing, as its preventing you from starting a long, depressing, expensive, painful journey. And I’m telling this you also as a returning player. I came back to Aion around 6 months ago, and its reduced to pretty much crap. I know we get that urge to come back, but if you do, you’ll probably regret it
  4. Is Aion Dead?

    Is the game dead? Well, I think it isn’t dead yet but the population is slowly dropping. On DN, its hard to find any PVP outside of sieges nowadays (excluding Katalam here because thats cross server). Most people pvp in Katalam, and even with that, I wasn’t finding nearly as much people as I thought I would when I traversed the whole map. If you log on more toward peak times, I guess you may find enough pvp to be satisfied. Outside of that, don’t expect much. I slowed down on the game a lot because nothing really feels rewarding anymore. Especially if you are new, the game will probably be dead by the time you actually get geared. My advice? Don’t start if you expect the population to be thriving as it used to. Even the new Katalam didnt drive as many players back as NCSoft thought, and they don’t even care much for the game anymore. Even if you do come want to come back, don’t plan to get far without spending a pretty penny. With many things nerfed for new players and a lot of people fully geared, you will constantly get destroyed if you don’t pay in this game. And I’m mot talking $100 or $200, I’m talking over $1000 if you want to get anywhere at a decent pace. Its a shame, as Aion used to be a great game and I absolutely loved it back in the day. With the state is in now, its not worth your time and money. I’m not stopping you by any means, as you can try it for free. But once you start the grind and realize how painful and annoying it is, you probably won’t want to stick around long unless you have an extremely large bank account. Just an fyi - most people who pay a ton already: 1. Have upgraded deav skills 2. Have ultimate xforms 3. Have full T2 +15 alrdy 4. Have upgraded stigmas 5. Have grade S minions -Good luck if you come back mate. I wish you the best.
  5. Important Note to NCSoft

    Look at the amount of problems in your game right now: 1. Ever(gone) Canyon 2. Lugbug transfer glitch & Red Katalam 3. Sieges are now PvE focused bec of GP mobs and box 4. No normal kinah gain 5. No normal EXP gain 6. IB bugged and prob will never be fixed 7. Selective retune cost is insane 8. Enchant stone box purchase limited to 5 per week 9. No good costumes on BCM 10. Solutions to feedback are more “lets put item on BCM”.....daev essence, luna for minion vault reset....rather than actually putting in a way for players to earn them in game 11. No stigma protection 12 Daev skill books super slow to obtain and enchant 13. Irrelevant events - face it, we have minimal to no returning players when you anticipated we would have tons with Katalam coming back 14. Dredge is PvE - just collect and leave. Its purpose completely gone 15. Class imbalance 16. No decent enchantment stone gain. 17. Full p2w with Kaisenel becoming OP soon 18. Drop rates poor 19. Most zones that we once enjoyed are gone and could have been re-worked to be utilized well even if it was just for a small event popping every now and then 20. Free-to-play.....more like “free if you want to get pwnd 24/7” Are you going to wake up anytime soon, or do you enjoy watching your game die?
  6. Ok soooo......... From the feedback update, what I can see is: Xforms - pay for kaisenel? since leg xforms are gonna be nerfed this just increases the skill gap. now people who have kaisenel/marchutan are going to roll over anyone unless ofc you pay to get ulti xform Stigma stone safe - pay for more stigma stones at a CHANCE to get +15 stigmas. When theres no safe at +12 MV - Pay for luna resets, get your grade S minion faster.... Daev essence - pay for these, get your ulti skills faster As far as I am concerned, all this does is make people who fork over their wallet even more powerful than people who don't. All I can deduce is make Aion more p2w now. Ever think of adding this stuff in game? Maybe help the players out legitimately and not make the solution "lets put it in the shop." What about EC comp? To benefit the players? Forget that, lets add items to the shop instead. Seriously Ridiculous I'm sure most people will enjoy whipping out their wallets more than they already do to get stronger. Thats a great way to maintain an active players base
  7. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    Vandals were able to melt people in 2 seconds and technically they still can even with the nerfs. Just ask “yikes” from KT and I’m sure he can show you how OP vandals still are. How about us SMs - look at our fears, which are the primary benefit of our class: -can no longer fear xforms -while feared, your physical and magic def is increased by 1000 now -our insta fear also increases physical and magic def by 1000 while feared But have you heard us complain about it?........ Maybe you should be a little more grateful here that your class is still decent.
  8. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    The good: 1. Glad Katalam and Danaria are back 2. Vandals needed that nerf, thank you The bad- Please address: 1. Timer in Katalam keeps everyone separated. Please remove and let everyone join so Katalam can be active 24/7 2. Bring siege schedule back to the way it was - 1 per day. Now its just a boring, kill gp mobs, pve, and be done. These aren’t sieges anymore because theres no “siege” feeling. 3. im 100% with zombie on this one. Let us reset the minium vault instance. Right now it takes centuries to farm grade A minium and there really isn’t a way to get it at a decent pace in the game. Either increase the amount of minium gained or let us reset it.
  9. @Cyan, About Vandal skill changes.

    Lol are you complaining because you can’t melt people in 2 seconds now? I’m sorry but if thats too rough for you Get———out———of———-here
  10. Scheduled Game Update - January 29, 2020

    Any EC update cyan?
  11. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    My bad, I meant IB on number 4 and not ID. The box glitch only happens in IB
  12. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Lets see here... 1. EC......enough said 2. 7.2....? 3. Outdated prestige box items 4. ID invisible box glitch...luckily most people dont have to do this unfair buggy instance anymore 5. Events that keep nobody engaged...Snowman event broken....fixing hitboxes over loot distributions? Why? 6. Server transfers...bugged lugbug quests 7. Not enough content....most people are geared and you took out most zones.....cant we at least have shard wars back?:/ (you destroyed your game, literally) 8. Dredge....more like “grab n go” now 9. BCM items limited and not what everyone wants....thought you would want to make more money 10. and the biggest one....COMMUNICATION!!! You lack this, you don’t care, everyone leaves! We all have our ears wide open but aren’t hearing anything. At least tell us if something is going to be delayed. At least we would know about it instead of being left in the dark Please feel free to add to this list, as I’m sure these are just a FEW of the problems found in Aion right now.
  13. 80bc coin for luna bonus entry but 140 for scroll?

    Oh wait, its for PvE instances...-sigh-