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  1. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    My bad, I meant IB on number 4 and not ID. The box glitch only happens in IB
  2. Updated Issues Jan 2020

    Lets see here... 1. EC......enough said 2. 7.2....? 3. Outdated prestige box items 4. ID invisible box glitch...luckily most people dont have to do this unfair buggy instance anymore 5. Events that keep nobody engaged...Snowman event broken....fixing hitboxes over loot distributions? Why? 6. Server transfers...bugged lugbug quests 7. Not enough content....most people are geared and you took out most zones.....cant we at least have shard wars back?:/ (you destroyed your game, literally) 8. Dredge....more like “grab n go” now 9. BCM items limited and not what everyone wants....thought you would want to make more money 10. and the biggest one....COMMUNICATION!!! You lack this, you don’t care, everyone leaves! We all have our ears wide open but aren’t hearing anything. At least tell us if something is going to be delayed. At least we would know about it instead of being left in the dark Please feel free to add to this list, as I’m sure these are just a FEW of the problems found in Aion right now.
  3. 80bc coin for luna bonus entry but 140 for scroll?

    Oh wait, its for PvE instances...-sigh-
  4. 80bc coin for luna bonus entry but 140 for scroll?

    People pay for more than 10 resets? Lol I need a good reason to justify paying real money for just one reset since I can craft luna, but thats just me. If people wanted to reset that much, just wait for EC compensation instead and thatll make it for most, if not all, of it......might as well at this point
  5. Uhhhhh......why? Or am I the only one confused?
  6. Siege Buff (NA Custom stats)

    Thanks mate
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - November 13, 2019

    GP reset tomorrow as well?
  8. Any slight hints on Red Katalam yet?

    Well, guess I’ll go with soon then
  9. I figured since Red Katalam was announced for EU, can we get any hints yet?
  10. Updated Issues List

    Here is an updated list of issues currently in the game that I see. Feel free to add to this because I know I’m not going to catch all of them. 1) IB is broken, glitchy, and makes the game crash 2) Prestige case rewards are not updated 3) Demaha fortress- fixed? Says it was according to last post but balaur still inside dux room so......fixed? 4) Evergale canyon....thats all to say on that 5) Vandals beam power through the roof....but I expect this will change since people want a reason to play it now... Those are just 5 issued to be aware of. Please add to this list. Cyan, review please. Thanks
  11. Ya I mean come on, the fact that these issues have been going on this long is just absolutely absurd and theres no excuse at all. Its just a frustrating instance thats meant to make people frustrated
  12. For example... 1. the “invisible box” that you get stuck in very often 2. the crashing 3. waiting 10 min if no enemy team...reduce this time? Please do something. These have been annoyances for months!