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  1. Say what? ..... Also I didn't know the Upper Abyss was where it's at. I suppose I'd have to hurry get max level
  2. Is there a point in going into the Abyss? The very concept behind it was intriguing enough; but it seems as if it was replaced by later level maps. These are maps that only host the ability to cater to both factions in what seems to be beautiful scenery. Whereas the Abyss was filled with mystery and at any given moment an enemy can get the drop on you at any given moment. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I want the Abyss to mean something again.
  3. Despite the 'supposedly' hackers that roam?
  4. I like Aion, I really do, but I'm debating if to continue leveling my characters in preparation for 6.0 or just go on Blade & Soul. Or, as a matter of fact, just find another game to play. The only that keeps bringing me back is the combat, it's like no other. What are you guys thoughts on this matter
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