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  1. Weekly Server Maintenance - August 19, 2020

    Okay, I'll give it up! I cannot believe this is happening again. Every time I try to get something nice, that it takes patience and a long time they stop it and change, WHY??? I started the Pandora quests and I could not continue doing the quests because it was deleted, now the titan coins, which I do collect solo because players are doing better things and have no need of any of them. So now, I do not care anymore I have had enough, INCSoft can go (rude word) it self I'm out of here.
  2. Server bugged.... again

    Grrr! Alway on Sunday when I have time to play. I'm off.
  3. Game Teams Request - Feedback

    @Sheyrena-DN - thank you, You brought me back when AION was really a good fun game, a game to play with friends and really cool players who would help and have lots of fun. Sadly now all that are only "souvenirs" of better times. I still hope there will be changes, but after playing since 2009 and witnessing so many "bad" changes I am almost sure that nothing or very little will change. Take care my friends and have fun, ciao.
  4. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Well, thanks Rapier - DevilNest and Vantheria. My post was not a complain but just what I was feeling about something. I'm playing Aion since 2009 and I know how to play the game, I also know that it's my fault if I chose to play alone. You, people, make everything so easy to get items especially titanium coins but you do not tell where and who drops so many. Okay I have no idea where to go and even on youtube videos they make it easy, I wonder how many hours it takes of playing tho. Even if I could get in a group I do not try to join because there are instances that I have never done and I wouldn't be helping not knowing what to do. I tried to go and do things in Demaha and Katalam.....lol it was laughable how I got killed so easily! Lacrum was the only place where I could do quests and explore; it is not a big map! Sure I died there too by asmos but the mobs was not so nasty. Anyway, I have some good items, well they are good to me, when the Pandora quests were active in Lacrum but I could not have them all because they took that away with the new update. Also, I got some items with titanium coins thanks to the event these last two weeks. Now after so many updates I feel like a new player who knows very little about the game but even if I do not play as often as before I still play, of course, I miss my friends and the happy times. I am an old lady who likes MMORPG! Some people are calling me weird because I do not play cards or other similar game on the internet more suitable for my age! I started playing games on the Amiga, my first really good game was Diablo and from that one on I played many more, my longest one was GW and finally AION.......... and I hope it won't be my last one. Thanks if you read all I wrote and have fun, always and please do not be nasty with players you never know what age they are.
  5. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Really? To get enough titanium coins it will take me months because what I get is 1 coin and lots of broken coins, some quests give me from 2 to 5 coins. I cannot kill big bosses because I'm not really strong geared. I tried to get one and it takes me ages and I usually give it up or I die. Only one time someone helped me and I got 50 titanium coins.....but I cannot do it alone. Yes I'm alone all my friends left and my Legion is empty. I do not try anymore to join a Legion because they leave you alone anyway and no one helps you because you are not geared enough to do a thing with them, so what's the point of trying. Aion is not a friendly game anymore that reality. I'm not a novice I started playing 10 years ago and Aion was amazing and it is for that it is hard for me to leave it forever. Sorry about the white space, I was not able to edit my post.
  6. Broker Bots and My Opinion

    I only wish they would let us trade items with our own characters. I had to delete many items I could not use but some of my characters could have, so sad. Not everybody is a billionaire in this game, some items you cannot sell or trade and the only way to get space is to delete them, others you sell at 1 kinah or at a pitiful price. I wonder how can some people afford to buy items at the broker? Well it is a game but lately is not fun to play it.
  7. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    Too much PvE? Please tell me where because I have no idea that there were some places for PvE left in some maps of Aion for lvl 80. I love PvE but I cannot even complete a quest because of players who like so much the PvP that they just kill everybody especially the one who is alone under-geared and unable to fight back, even if I try to run away you PvPers follow me with gusto!
  8. Lag and more lag!

    Okay, I live in Australia and even with BattlePing, my lag is Unbelievable! With this kind of lag "1480 &1600" it is not possible for me to play AION. Usually, I play with a ping of about 340 and 400 even if it's a bit high I can play, but lags over 1500 are almost impossible, I hope this will change if not I'll be forced to leave Aion and that is a thing that I would not like but if I cannot play I have to find another game.
  9. Why is this coming back?

    When enchantment attempts fail, there is a chance the item will be destroyed. So when the big update will be alive, when trying to enchant, we will have the chance that our item will be destroyed......how nice! I lost so many items before and I was so upset that I almost left the game, why are they bringing back this again? AION is a game it should be fun to play, even if lately was not really that for me and now I know what to do. I do not need grief, especially from a "game". Games should be played to relax and enjoy, to forget the stress and what the real-life is even if only for a few hours. Perhaps I have the wrong idea of what games are. Ciao bella gente.
  10. How nice that they are taking off the pandora quests! I won't be able to finish my quests and my armour set or accessories will be lost because I won't have time to finish! That's so upsetting I tried to level up my collecting over 100 in Oriel wasting lots of time and in Inggison to collect blooming not to talk about the other quests and now I can say bye-bye to the pandora. I finally liked to have the possibility to have some good items for my characters, because I only play PvE solo and I do not have the advantage of a legion that can help with instances and being so low geared I am not able to join groups. Well, there is nothing I can do, this game is coming every day more strange/complicated to me than ever, every updated it just only confuses me. I think it is time for me to find a new game, but after more than 10 years of AION is hard to leave, all my legion mates and friends have left long ago and only me resisted. It is so very sad tho.
  11. I need some explanations on my healing skills.

    Whoa, thank you all for your help. <3 I will check my stigmas and my skills now, there were some important changes that I did not know, I will try to adjust and see how I will go.
  12. I only play solo since all my friends left Aion some time ago and me not having good armour set and weapons I do not even try anymore to be accepted in groups. So my question is why my healing skills do not do what they are supposed to do? What I mean is I only get so little healing that is ridiculous, the skill says something completely different from what actually happens when in use. Plus I have "zero healing" on my character's description! Is there something that I am missing? Now even playing solo has become hard, also because I do not like PvP and I have levelled up to 80 all my 8 characters and even with the latest armour sets and weapons you get free in Lakrum I'm with no healing! I get killed in one shoot if I dare to get too far in Lakrum, I do not even dare to go to the new maps. Can someone enlighten me on how to get my healing work as it did before, please? Thanks. Well, I think I should find a new game at this point, but, I cannot leave AION <3 it will be hard for me to find a similar game with a controlled PvP since all I see is open-world PvP everywhere on the game I would like to try.
  13. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    This is exactely what I think and I'm still playing just because I have not found yet a game that I like.
  14. Make abusers pay for extra entries and then unban them?

    In my opinion, they should not have banned them but just deleted all the items they got for abusing it.
  15. Event and Bots

    Okay, is it or not time that a GM comes to Sanctum to get rid "permanently" of the many bots that always are opening chests? There are more bots there than players and is so very annoying!