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  1. I need some explanations on my healing skills.

    Whoa, thank you all for your help. <3 I will check my stigmas and my skills now, there were some important changes that I did not know, I will try to adjust and see how I will go.
  2. I only play solo since all my friends left Aion some time ago and me not having good armour set and weapons I do not even try anymore to be accepted in groups. So my question is why my healing skills do not do what they are supposed to do? What I mean is I only get so little healing that is ridiculous, the skill says something completely different from what actually happens when in use. Plus I have "zero healing" on my character's description! Is there something that I am missing? Now even playing solo has become hard, also because I do not like PvP and I have levelled up to 80 all my 8 characters and even with the latest armour sets and weapons you get free in Lakrum I'm with no healing! I get killed in one shoot if I dare to get too far in Lakrum, I do not even dare to go to the new maps. Can someone enlighten me on how to get my healing work as it did before, please? Thanks. Well, I think I should find a new game at this point, but, I cannot leave AION <3 it will be hard for me to find a similar game with a controlled PvP since all I see is open-world PvP everywhere on the game I would like to try.
  3. 7.5 INFO HERE NOW !

    This is exactely what I think and I'm still playing just because I have not found yet a game that I like.
  4. Make abusers pay for extra entries and then unban them?

    In my opinion, they should not have banned them but just deleted all the items they got for abusing it.
  5. Event and Bots

    Okay, is it or not time that a GM comes to Sanctum to get rid "permanently" of the many bots that always are opening chests? There are more bots there than players and is so very annoying!
  6. Thank you Ncsoft

    I'm so sad that I'm looking for another game. I played Aion since the beginning, I left GW for this game and now I'm alone, all my friends left my legion is all for my characters. I did not try to get in other legions because when I tried they only wanted players geared and ready to do PvP, which I do not like. So lately I'm just levelling up some of my alts and with the vandal being my last one to level it will be my goodbye to Aion once I reach lvl80. In my spare time, I'm looking for a game that could help me to relax and not get upset, sometimes pixels can be very nasty.
  7. Cauldron Coin - Event Items

    True, but still there are lots of cauldron coins on the broker and they are very expensive too. I do not understand why we are not able to exchange items we get and not need between our characters in our own account. I thought games were to enjoy and relax but lately, AION is like a nasty job. I will, as soon I find another game, leave. I have enough upset on my real life and I do not need more made just of pixels!
  8. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    I wish we could trade the items we do not need with our account characters, I have not many kinah and I was happy to get some from my couldron coins. I do not understand why is so hard for NCSoft to let us trade between our own characters in our own account and why there was no one GM or whoever could come to the game and ban the bots....I saw lots and lots of them so many that it was hard to open even one chest!
  9. I was going to the broker in my village in Oriel and ...puf... the fountain is gone! Why?
  10. Aion: Mark of the Vandal Known Issues - August 21

    Is it okay to for NCSoft to delete one of my songweaver stigmas and let my character with an empty slot? I had to buy from the broker the stigma again; which was not cheap and equip it again. At least they should have given me the new stigma, damn!
  11. Aion: Mark of the Vandal update livestream

    I like when they say that our feedback is very valuable.....sure it is!
  12. Prestige to get extra character slots?

    That won't be a problem, I will make a new account and have 8 free slots. I'm trying not to buy anything from them (BCM) since when they put the transformation scrolls in the game.....I hate not to be able to see my character as I made it. Transparent scrolls should be useless or free.
  13. Question about FREE Vandal’s Gear Pack Reward

    I just wish to have this explained clearly: To be eligible for a Vandal’s Gear Pack: *You must have an existing level 30 character on your account* You must create a new Vandal character before the deadline on August 28 The existing character that should be level 30 or over, "must be a Vandal" or any other characters?
  14. I'm Italian too and I think most of us know the English language.
  15. Ereshkigal Server Consolidation FAQ

    I'm sorry but to get all the rewards you needed to have one character at level 80 for each account in Ereshkigal.