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  1. Okay, I'll give it up! I cannot believe this is happening again. Every time I try to get something nice, that it takes patience and a long time they stop it and change, WHY??? I started the Pandora quests and I could not continue doing the quests because it was deleted, now the titan coins, which I do collect solo because players are doing better things and have no need of any of them. So now, I do not care anymore I have had enough, INCSoft can go (rude word) it self I'm out of here.
  2. Grrr! Alway on Sunday when I have time to play. I'm off.
  3. @Sheyrena-DN - thank you, You brought me back when AION was really a good fun game, a game to play with friends and really cool players who would help and have lots of fun. Sadly now all that are only "souvenirs" of better times. I still hope there will be changes, but after playing since 2009 and witnessing so many "bad" changes I am almost sure that nothing or very little will change. Take care my friends and have fun, ciao.
  4. Well, thanks Rapier - DevilNest and Vantheria. My post was not a complain but just what I was feeling about something. I'm playing Aion since 2009 and I know how to play the game, I also know that it's my fault if I chose to play alone. You, people, make everything so easy to get items especially titanium coins but you do not tell where and who drops so many. Okay I have no idea where to go and even on youtube videos they make it easy, I wonder how many hours it takes of playing tho. Even if I could get in a group I do not try to join because there are instances that I have
  5. Really? To get enough titanium coins it will take me months because what I get is 1 coin and lots of broken coins, some quests give me from 2 to 5 coins. I cannot kill big bosses because I'm not really strong geared. I tried to get one and it takes me ages and I usually give it up or I die. Only one time someone helped me and I got 50 titanium coins.....but I cannot do it alone. Yes I'm alone all my friends left and my Legion is empty. I do not try anymore to join a Legion because they leave you alone anyway and no one helps you because you are not geared enough to do a thing with th
  6. I only wish they would let us trade items with our own characters. I had to delete many items I could not use but some of my characters could have, so sad. Not everybody is a billionaire in this game, some items you cannot sell or trade and the only way to get space is to delete them, others you sell at 1 kinah or at a pitiful price. I wonder how can some people afford to buy items at the broker? Well it is a game but lately is not fun to play it.
  7. Too much PvE? Please tell me where because I have no idea that there were some places for PvE left in some maps of Aion for lvl 80. I love PvE but I cannot even complete a quest because of players who like so much the PvP that they just kill everybody especially the one who is alone under-geared and unable to fight back, even if I try to run away you PvPers follow me with gusto!
  8. Okay, I live in Australia and even with BattlePing, my lag is Unbelievable! With this kind of lag "1480 &1600" it is not possible for me to play AION. Usually, I play with a ping of about 340 and 400 even if it's a bit high I can play, but lags over 1500 are almost impossible, I hope this will change if not I'll be forced to leave Aion and that is a thing that I would not like but if I cannot play I have to find another game.
  9. When enchantment attempts fail, there is a chance the item will be destroyed. So when the big update will be alive, when trying to enchant, we will have the chance that our item will be destroyed......how nice! I lost so many items before and I was so upset that I almost left the game, why are they bringing back this again? AION is a game it should be fun to play, even if lately was not really that for me and now I know what to do. I do not need grief, especially from a "game". Games should be played to relax and enjoy, to forget the stress and what the real-life is even if only for
  10. How nice that they are taking off the pandora quests! I won't be able to finish my quests and my armour set or accessories will be lost because I won't have time to finish! That's so upsetting I tried to level up my collecting over 100 in Oriel wasting lots of time and in Inggison to collect blooming not to talk about the other quests and now I can say bye-bye to the pandora. I finally liked to have the possibility to have some good items for my characters, because I only play PvE solo and I do not have the advantage of a legion that can help with instances and being so low geared I am n
  11. Whoa, thank you all for your help. <3 I will check my stigmas and my skills now, there were some important changes that I did not know, I will try to adjust and see how I will go.
  12. I only play solo since all my friends left Aion some time ago and me not having good armour set and weapons I do not even try anymore to be accepted in groups. So my question is why my healing skills do not do what they are supposed to do? What I mean is I only get so little healing that is ridiculous, the skill says something completely different from what actually happens when in use. Plus I have "zero healing" on my character's description! Is there something that I am missing? Now even playing solo has become hard, also because I do not like PvP and I have levelled up to 80 all my 8 c
  13. This is exactely what I think and I'm still playing just because I have not found yet a game that I like.
  14. In my opinion, they should not have banned them but just deleted all the items they got for abusing it.
  15. Okay, is it or not time that a GM comes to Sanctum to get rid "permanently" of the many bots that always are opening chests? There are more bots there than players and is so very annoying!
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