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  1. @Kibbelz non prestige users dont get rewards from seiges forts and altars, forward this too and we already ticketed it and got a stupid respose lol
  2. make this 16 types selection please its anniversary cmon @Kibbelz
  3. battlefield merchant rework ??? vending machine rework ??? that should give kaisnel shards daily ??? i dont see @Kibbelz
  4. instead of dealing with the bots and kinah sellers u go ahead and change a major gaming content ? your dev team is a reck :) a big no wtf are you thinking i need to do guests for my daily luna bundle ??? which i would get anyway by just being afk ?? if u wanna relocate the luna bag make it if u afk 15 min u get it im not hunting a single mob for it bullshit
  5. Bro are you a wanna-be ? or something or you have a mental Problem ? this doesn't concern you nor its your post And I wasn't talking to you and i don't care if they ignore or if its useless or not , Regardless its non of your business what i post on a bugs forums and its non of your business to answer me , There are ppl their job to answer not you @Loki Is this guy a game developer loki ? or he is a Cm and i didn't know ? If not please put on hiring notice for him he is so dying trying to do Your job , Poor kiddo
  6. Patch notice Didn't Mention stuff like that ,i think ur the dumb one commenting in the first place saying everything is working as intended my comment wasn't for u to reply its a bugs post and i replied with the bugs i saw and im waiting for the intended people to reply
  7. Well not All maybe for ID and AD but not for the others , Are u a Game developer ? Does Legendary Equipment from pf works as intended when u get shit stat and u cant retune it ? when on powerbook its retunable https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Item/110550181 lag is working as intended ? Dont speak of which u dont know or not ur business please with all do respect
  8. 1. Armor Equipment dropping from instances like pf normal mode cant be retuned. 2. AoA Accessories get retuned once then does not let you anymore. 3. AD doesn't drop ancient stones bags from designated mobs. 4. the lag of course , ping normal on instance server but on main server jumps to 1.5k ms unplayable . 5.ID kunex spawn late after the 10 minute mark , same with katalam camp's Sins sometimes some of them spawn after the camp defended and leveled .
  9. Can you please Post a comparison like this For new upgraded PFHM acc with set effect against dart talon acc ?
  10. Does Ncsoft screwed the rates again after the ending of Enchant o rama event ? i tried more than 8 ultimate stones on +12 Ulti and on +13 Legendary All of them Failed not a single success Wtf ??? @Cyan
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