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  1. Its about Legendary sovereign's weapon reward box again. Please add this box again to an easy instance like PF normal or SL we need it to complete our item collections. This box used to drop in old IDD easy before it was changed to x100 entries. Please read, don't ignore.
  2. Just give it some time guys, they will eventually give them out. We all know they do things late all the time.
  3. @Kibbelz Any plans of bringing back the cookie event? (100% socketing cookie)
  4. Is this kind of things that make us want to quit the game and only come back after a patch. What a way to destroy a "good" event with these kind of rewards. I wish somebody at NCsoft would play the game to realize what crappy rewards these are. And they still dare to call it promotion We want a transformation promotion @Kibbelz
  5. I think adding it do PF normal mode or SL easy more would be the best options. Because honestly even BE easy mode is hard for us people who are not geared enough. Not only because you need gear to down it but you also need a good group composition. Please @Kibbelz look into it. These weapons are essential for item collections.
  6. BE is a difficult instance. Unless you have good gear its not possible to solo it or duo it. IDD was easier back then to get this collections done but not anymore. Would be a big help to add these boxes back to the IDD drop or PF normal drop, instances that are fairly easy for none geared characters. Please @Kibbelz
  7. Hey there, So I recently came back to the game and I found out that IDD no longer drops this item: And no other instance drops it, @KibbelzI wonder if you can add this item again to the drop? Or maybe to another instance drop? This box is very important to us who want to finish Item Collections.
  8. This ice cube event is a joke. 25 cubes later and none of them went passed level 3. Besides in the unlikely event that you get it to +7 the box you get is totally random so you can get the useless paragon equipment (Fighting Spirit). Just putting this out there, don't waste your hard earned money on this event.
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