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  1. Splash screen deliver some unicorn realness

    Thank you so much Forthyn <3 <3
  2. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Yes!!! Thank you a lot for the info! Last night I went there and killed Alukina, so I managed to get the full cloth skin and the spellbook for my sm <3 I missed that book skin a lot since I rerolled to asmo, I used to have it on my elyos back in 3.0 but never really bothered farming kahrun symbols for skins on my asmo untill they removed it and it was too late for me.
  3. Skin Farming in 7.0

    I don't know for how long we have this, but I didn't know about it untill a few minutes ago, so lets spread the info! There is a new currency at Beluslan, called Accorn, and its used to get some goodies that are useful for leveling, including equipement, and I noticed there are some interesting skins. Each village in Beluslan (and I assume Heiron too) have 1 or 2 shugos that trade the accorns. First, there is Kahrun skin at Kidonrun's Then, at Kistenian's there's the same old white skin - that I forgot the name - from the previous patch. And this plate helm that I really like (it changes the hairstyle) At Hoarfrost there is the crucible c1 skin At the watchpost, the crucible c2/ 5.X arena skin and also the old crusader (pvp token - I don't remember the name of the elyos version) wing skin and finally, at Besfer's, the old bm skin + Kahrun wings Now the sad part is: Couldn't find accorn quests that lvl 80's can do in order to farm for the skins, even though I have checked the "display low level quests" box at game options :((((( But for those with low level toons that would like to get some of these skins, go for it
  4. Did you like 7.5 patch?

    I was really lost with the new patch untill a few days ago, when friends helped me to catch up. So far I've been enjoying doing the daily and weekly quests, specially at Katalam, where the pvp is always very active, despite the fully geared groups zerging around and ganking not-so-geared groups. This always happened since day 1 in Aion, so it doesn't bother me so much anymore. Also enjoying the easier ways to farm manastones, and the fact that we no longer have to worry about enchanting accessories. I like the fact that I can go to WB and have a guaranteed ultimate manastone, even if I don't win any roll (which is what happens 99% of the time). Having Gelkmaros as endgame area is super nostalgic and it keeps bringing me really nice memories as I move around, and the new teleports make it super easier to do so. I like it! Its nice that we have a few more stuff we can store in acc warehouse, so its easier to get mats to extract for example. My problems with 7.5 are 1) There are so many things to do I can't even rest from endgame by playing with alts. Pvp instances, pve instances, farming genesis, blood mark, stelium, titan, renown, luna, abyssals, gemstones, marks, omg let me breathe lol. I know having lots to do is not actually a bad thing, I know, its just my anxiety! 2) Can't handle the graphic lag during sieges anymore. I have a decent pc, and yet I have to turn off every single graphic option, turn off legion names, ranks, even pc names and still I freeze A LOT. I know Aion is just terribly optimized but still. I used to dual client during sieges and didn't lag that much as now with only 1 client running. There is literally nothing left to lower in game options for me in order to minimize the lag, I have done everything and it still doesn't seem to work. I used to love sieging at Lakrum for example, but now I decided that I will just get a few mob kills and go to sleep. 3) Not being able to run HM instances as they require being highly pve geared is something I don't care anymore as my goal in game is to pvp more than to pve. What annoys me is that I have to run a HM pve instance in order to get the best acc for PVP. This is worse than EB online times, as we had other ways to get the things we would get with EB and we got to a point where EB was easy enough to pug it with LFG - something that doesn't happen with the current HM instances. 4) I want Lakrum pvp quests back.
  5. Splash screen deliver some unicorn realness

    I personally like the previous splash more Btw, can we turn this thread into a Splash screen compilation? I've been looking for old splashes, but can't find them. Also if anyone have the splash above with high quality, I would highly appreciate <3
  6. Skin Farming in 7.0

    A friend told me he got a weapon drop (white item) that seems to have TS skin, from a named mob at Beluslan, somewhere at Bakarma area. I gotta check some stuff like this on an alt sometime, but there's just too many things to do on this patch and I can't find the time for alts x_x If anyone can check about named mobs droping unique skins around Beluslan, let us know!
  7. Schedule 7.5

    Here just to bump and say thank you!
  8. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Has anyone seen any legendary chest/shoes drop from Surama? So far I only got shoulder and glove drops. If Eso drops work like FM used to work, then we can't actually get the full skin Edit: Bad news, I checked and as I thought, no full EB skins for us, only gloves and shoulders https://aionpowerbook.com/powerbook/Esoterrace_-_Drop
  9. Skin Farming in 7.0

    Van, can you confirm if this is the souvenir we can drop as lvl 80?
  10. FM - BoS drops success rate

    So far I did 24 FM runs = 1 ultimate drop (a cipher blade that was taken by a friend on her alt) 10 BoS runs = 1 ultimate drop (a chanter helm on a sm) Disappointed but not surprised with my RNG.
  11. FM - BoS drops success rate

    this event be like:
  12. Where are my skins @Cyan!!

    I'm hopeless. People been begging NC to give them money and they still don't listen.
  13. super raw quotes/things that happened while playing

    There was a lady at Altgard with her griffo, and she used to say "Can't you see I'm busy?" Sorry grrl, is just that there's a yellow arrow at your head you know? And my favourite:
  14. Can't wait to get another transform that will be completely useless for my main after 20 days of waiting
  15. Dehama siege

    As if this was the real problem of Demaha siege. Not the 69487236476234 elite mobs that almost makes my pc explode and kills more than enemy players.