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  1. Rollback incoming?

    Yeah, it's called NCSoft.
  2. Rollback incoming?

    Exactly, the fact that simple things like vendor items weren't checked shows a lot of what NCSoft did NOT verify. All you have to do is open a test server and allow players to provide feedback. There are people playing Aion that would do that for NCSoft but unfortunately they'd rather TEST their code on the production servers. What a novelty.
  3. Rollback incoming?

    Had NCSoft used a test server, we wouldn't have to sit here waiting for a 2nd maintenance to finish. There will be a 3rd maintenance this week, I bet. NCSoft, learn to code and verify, please. For all of our sakes.
  4. Where to exchange old AP items

    Thank you! I found him!
  5. Is there an NPC that can exchange old AP items? I have a couple of Major Ancient Seals and Greater Ancient Seals I want to exchange but I couldn't find the NPC's in Gelk or Lakrum.