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  1. Compte email hacker

    Translation (ty Google) @Cyan Hello, I was hacked into an email account linked to games. Hack on the game. How can I recover this account. The characters are still in existence. Thank you very much in advance. Senshin
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 18, 2019

    I have Prestige on my account and waited until after the extra slots were available to make my Vandal and level her. I did not receive the Vandal pack and when I submitted a ticket they pointed to the slots being fixed on Sept 4th as the cutoff date for making a Vandal. I even pointed out that that didn't give time to USE the extra slots and they just said "we already told you why."
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 4, 2019

    So qualifying for the Vandal bundle is still being extended another week so Prestige Pass holders can make a Vandal in one of the extra character slots?
  4. CoE Shugo?

    If they've removed the shugos from CoE, how do I get my ancient Daevanion skills?
  5. Colorweaver ?

    OK, so we have a physical class in cloth. Like a brawler? That leaves colors on you? How about BruiseMaster (play on BrewMaster)?
  6. Questions about Lakrum Instances

    Note, the instances are to obtain PvE gear. If you are interested in PvP gear then get the two quests from the NPC at each artifact to kill five elyos mobs at a nearby camp and to kill five balaur mobs at a nearby camp. There are three artifacts on the asmo side of the map, three on the elyos side, and three in the middle. Each of those weekly quests will give you 13 genesis crystals that you can use to buy ancient PvP gear and ancient PvP enchantment stones. **Some people recommend saving your genesis crystals to buy the better PvP gear coming in 7.0. Some people are saying it may be October when that happens. If you want gear now go ahead and buy it, when you get it to +15 you can purify it to the next level of gear (ancient -> legendary -> ultimate) or to the equivalent level Tier 2 (T2) gear once game version 7.0 arrives (T1 ancient +15 -> T2 ancient +0, etc.) T2 gear is a good bit better than T1 but T2 ancient gear is still just bit less good than T1 legendary. *** Check Youtube for videos of the instances for boss mechanics etc. Or have someone in your legion explain it to you. To see how many people are meant to run an instance you can click on the blue up arrow to the right of your skill bar then click on Instance Info. You might have to click on the ALL tab. It will tell you the name of the instances, the number of players expected to run it together, and your instance count. If you have run all of entries for an instance it will tell you how long until that instance resets. Most instances reset Wednesday morning.just after maintenance. Sometimes there is a short period of time after maintenance when the entry counts have been reset (because the server was shutdown and brought back up for maintenance) before the weekly reset time that gives you a chance to get a couple extra runs in. You also hit "M" to bring up your world map. Hover you mouse over the little cave symbols that denote entrances to an instance to see number of players and when it resets AND what kind of gear drops from the instance. After you have your initial Lakrum gear the next place to get PvE gear is in Cradle of Eternity (CoE) . For asmos it is at Hinushia Scout Outpost. Three man instance. If you hook up with someone with gear it is very quick. Looking the last boss will give you Typhon's Reward box will has two boxes of random gear for your class. You can "retune" this gear to randomly reroll the bonus stats on this gear, something you can't do on the Lakrum gear. You can get accessories from the solo instance Mirash Sanctum (at Mysterious Mushroom Dwelling Scout Post for asmos). After CoE you'll want to run Frozen Monolith (at Ancient Red Tree Forest in the north, for asmos) for legendary armor and "feather" accessories (plume, bracelet, wings) and Bastion of Souls in the middle south for legendary accessories and weapons. Then you can graduate to Primeth's Forge in the middle north for ultimate/legendary armor and feather accessories and Infernal Drakenspire Depths (IDD) (in the north at Archon Outpost for asmos) for ultimate/legendary weapons and accessories. After you are kitted out from there the goal is to run the 18-man Veilenthrone instance.
  7. Starting now. Should I wait for 7.0 to get gear?

    Thanks! Perfect. Firebrand, Cloud War, and Winged Champion are eligible for promotion to T2 at +15.
  8. Starting now. Should I wait for 7.0 to get gear?

    Where do you see this? When I follow the link to Aion PowerBook I only see a mention of the Genesis Crystal gear.
  9. (Haven't logged onto the forums in a while.) Did you save up a bunch and open them all at once or did you use them as soon as you got them? How many did you save up to use at one time, if you did?
  10. If Word of Inspiration becomes self only does that mean that in 7.0 chanters will have to have the Word of Instigation vision "stigma" to increase group mates' attack stats?
  11. Wow! How much do you play? I'm on for an hour or two about four days a week.
  12. Please tell me how to easily obtain an Ancient transform. I haven't received one from any event or from combining lesser transforms. I've been playing since the patch went live.
  13. Morphing-The End Of The Lesser Faction

    You mean they are instituting the siege buff for world bosses? Thank god. No, because only the PvE attack/defense stats would increase.
  14. Old Black Cloud items

    Best of luck. I had, among other things, the 24-slot account wide pack pet on my account. With one of the updates all those items went *poof*. I had several costumes I hadn't assigned to characters yet, I had dyes, and more. I put in a ticket and was told they weren't allowed to do anything and that it would be "handled at a later time" but never was.