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  1. Given the hell that OP godstones brought to the game in prior patches, perhaps OP imbued weapons should not be a thing at all.
  2. Can't click on the dolls, presents, or balloons to complete the quest in Dreamworld. @Hime @Kibbelz @Loki
  3. A good number of tiles in the tiles game in Dreamworld are blue (Elyos) and I can't click them to flip them. And all of the tiles are still showing after the game ended.
  4. Aion Ops @AionOps 28m ago [#Aion] All game servers will be down for an emergency maintenance on 9/27 at 11:30 AM CT to correct the issue affecting the NPCs. Thank you for your patience! ETA ~40 minutes.
  5. These snowmen? https://imgur.com/gallery/wY9r0
  6. @Hiime @Loki @Kibbelz I can't even interacti with Lugbug to make room in my inventory.
  7. I can't talk to Skamish in Gelkmaros main fort to turn in a quest. (KT-Asmo)
  8. if the enchant rate for +9 and up is at least 20% during the stigma event I'll eat my hat. So many fails.
  9. Are the stigma enchantment rates back to what they were before the event? Or in any way better than they were during the event?
  10. Can't select some (important) NPCs now, Soul Healer, Warehouse Manager, etc.
  11. @Hime @Gideon KT server is bugged. Soul Healer and other NPCs are not selectable, etc.
  12. For the last 45 minutes, when starting the launcher I get "Could not connect to the update server." The error is either: E02229 CUS_C5_/17231940 Or E01005 NIC updater.nclauncher.ncsoft.com_17231940
  13. How useful will Sovereign gear be in 7.5? Will we be able to do the hardest instances? Where is the cutoff for usefulness?
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