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  1. (Haven't logged onto the forums in a while.) Did you save up a bunch and open them all at once or did you use them as soon as you got them? How many did you save up to use at one time, if you did?
  2. If Word of Inspiration becomes self only does that mean that in 7.0 chanters will have to have the Word of Instigation vision "stigma" to increase group mates' attack stats?
  3. Wow! How much do you play? I'm on for an hour or two about four days a week.
  4. Please tell me how to easily obtain an Ancient transform. I haven't received one from any event or from combining lesser transforms. I've been playing since the patch went live.
  5. Morphing-The End Of The Lesser Faction

    You mean they are instituting the siege buff for world bosses? Thank god. No, because only the PvE attack/defense stats would increase.
  6. Old Black Cloud items

    Best of luck. I had, among other things, the 24-slot account wide pack pet on my account. With one of the updates all those items went *poof*. I had several costumes I hadn't assigned to characters yet, I had dyes, and more. I put in a ticket and was told they weren't allowed to do anything and that it would be "handled at a later time" but never was.
  7. Cant Submit Ticket

    If you accidentally vendor an item, even through your personal vendor, find a General Goods merchant. Chat with them and notice the Repurchase tab. You can buy back items you have recently vendored.
  8. Using Luna to reset instances entry CD

    10? I don't remember 10. For me I recall something like: 60, 60, 60, 80, 80, 80, 100 before I stopped.
  9. Stigma build advice

    For help determining which "Vision" skill you will receive with your stigma build, check out the Stigma Tool at: http://aion.mouseclic.com/tool/stigma/
  10. Thank you sooo much for this @Cyan !!! This has happened in the past sometimes and I had to wait until the event came around again to get the rewards. This was really welcome!
  11. What time did they take down the event NPCs? 11:30pm server time?
  12. A question about stigmas.

    Iv'e heard leveling is easy. So if you did miss out on the free stigmas but you like your toon a lot, roll another toon of the same class and once you get the free stigmas give them to your main toon.
  13. Luna shop prices/Luna bundles

    Only if you get lucky and get the Chattering Saam's (Rooty) mobs.
  14. Applying founders pack items to characters

    Yes, those items are gone, along with any "account wide" items purchased before the conversion to logging in with your e-mail address instead of username you made up. I had a 24-slot pet that I bought from the BCM that was account wide, meaning whenever I created a new toon on the account I could give it the pet. At this point all of the Collector's Edition items would be of no benefit. Leveling is so much faster now and you get free gear from quests.
  15. Prime Forge

    Grats. So what did you get?