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  1. I am a returning player and I am tring to find the entrance to Esoterrace, but cannot find it. There used to be a big blue rift-like entrance in Soteria Sanctuary, in Inggison, but not anymore. I tried to talk to all NPCs around, but still didnt find a way to get it. Is there maybe some condition, some quest I need to finish first ? Can anyone please help?
  2. On the picture you can see the mount I tried to summon from the cube, and the one that actually was summoned instead.
  3. Bad mount icons are shown and wrong mount is summoned. I registered two mounts: Immortal Knight's War Steed and Executioner's Steed. 1. When I summon any of the mount , I always get the Immortal steed. 2. The icons in the cube shows both shows the Executioners steeds.
  4. After reading that the new Paragon equipment can break when enchantment fails. I wonder , what if I create an armfused weapon - as primary weapon I use some that cannot break, and as the second weapon I use the Paragon weapon. Can the resulting armfused weapon break, when enchanting fails ?
  5. @Cyan On the legendary contract bundle there is this information: "The item will be delted at a predetermined time when the event ends." Does this mean that we will lose the transformation even if we use the item before the event ends?
  6. At least the quest description is definitelly faulty. In the title is "Stellin Laboratory" while in description is "Bastion of Souls". Bastion was in legion tasks before 7.0 patch, now it should be the Stellin Laboratory - not sure if any mode counts. I was in Stellin Lab only once, just a test run, and we didnt killed the boss, so I don't know if the quest actually works.
  7. Hi, I'm doing the quest for Etium bundle, and I cannot get the Deformed Feelers item from the ugly mob in the middle path. It is just my bad luck, or it is bugged ? Not sure if the item suppose to be a random thing, I have killed him more then 10 times.
  8. I cannot make you a screenshot right now, but if you zoom in your map a bit you will see there this "Drake Farm" place. You just need to place it on the path leading to the farm.
  9. Happens to me too, since I created 12 chars. Need to select server every time on my main accout. On second account where I still have only 8 chars the sever selection screen is skiped as before.
  10. Hi, I was also wondering about the T2 gear. So if I understood right, the Heralds gear that you can now get for genesis crystal is T2? Is this information written anywhere so I can verify it is really T2 ? Nothing is in the item tooltip or aioncodex.
  11. Ok. Anyway for Netherlands players same as for me in Czech republic it should be 16:45
  12. 6 am CDT is 13 CET, because of the Daylight saving time. So the servers should be up 16:45 CET if not delayed.
  13. On stream they said they will try to push it into the 7.0, but there is no word about it in the patch notes
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