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  1. This is the point imho. Hackers shouldn't be able to hack in the first place, and if the server was aware of which data is valid and which is not, we wouldn't even be talking about this. Sadly, as things are now, it's very difficult to prove without doubt that someone is hacking; problem should be fixed server side.
  2. Hi all, after playing my chanter alt lately, i have to say it's a really fun class; however i wish to take it further in pve and also start pvping with it, but haven't really an idea on where to go from where i am/what i can get from the class. PvE wise, i have a PvE mythic AC socketed mostly with crit/hp (1200 crit 1100atk ~18k HP fully buffed), and my dps sits at 2.5k ~ 2.8k most of the time. In your experience am I a bad chanter or i need to get better stats (ie socketing precision and power) to get a decent dps? I'd like to get a stable 3.5-4k dps, but I don't know if chanters are eve
  3. Honestly I'd really like Ariel and Azphael, but if that's really impossible, i vote for Katalam and Danaria. Lots of old player seems to be nostalgic about those zones and asking to bring them back since they were removed; part of the community seems to really feel for those names, which is good imho.
  4. Feels good to have an alive and active forum.
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