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  1. I started a new AetherTech and I noticed it just gives generic chain armor like what would be for a cleric or chanter. It does not give the correct stats for agro that an Aethertech needs. Is this intentional?
  2. How does one gain additional minions at lower levels? Everyone keeps saying to level them you have to cannabalize other minions. But where do you get thems?
  3. Which gives you the most bang for your buck while leveling pve?
  4. Thank you for this info. I was just able to find it on one of my higher characters on another account. I guess my next question is there a ways to get accessories? That has always been the one thing I have struggled with across all characters that didn't take handicrafting and/or tailoring.
  5. You mentioned the Elite fledgling mythic set where do you get this one?
  6. Hi all, I been playing Aion on and off for a while. I noticed this time when I started back playing new characters get gold gear at level 10. Is this gear good enough to go to level 50 with? Is there anyway without starting over to get this gear on other sub-50 characters? I read that there is a new crafting system after 65. Are you required to get the other crafts to max level to use it? Is there a guide to this system or youtube video that explains it? Does it apply to all classes? I have always wanted to level the other classes that came after the initial launch of the game but from what I
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