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  1. The time change is preposterous. I would heartily endorse moving siege an hour EARLIER. My husband already has to sleep in a separate bedroom 4 nights a week so I don't wake him up....
  2. Taloc's hollow now offers an "Enter with group" option, which is nice, but it doesn't work, as my group of two got a response that the limit had been exceeded from Lothas. Although AD gives battleground coin rewards, ID does not. Why would that be?
  3. The Prestige weekly quest Prestigious Megaring's Courage (kill 50 pcs of opposing faction in lakrum) does not appear to be updating.
  4. The "burning" line of magic acid and acidic ingredients used for processing titania is not offered for sale by the aetherforging vendor, only the "cold" type items are available.
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