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  1. Wow, i should print your answer and stick behind my pc.... I didn't mentioned pvp because i just evade it as much as i can. Ping issues... About the stigmas, it have been a long time since i last tried Blessing of Wind and Numbling blow. My mistake.... I have no idea how it has changed. I'm trying to get my daevanions. For now i have cleansing recovery spell, wich is pretty good, both of inescabapable judgement and other random Chained Crush chains. My last question (i'm sure i know the answer): is there a specific set for specific role or can i just re
  2. After a good time away, i come back recently. Until now, i was trying to learn and understand all the new stuff. I like this patch, and it's time to take the game more seriously. So, i have questions : - Desired stats for pve ; I'm just running FM, 'cause i don't want to mess up any run. Currently on full Pandora Legendary, staff, plume, bracelet and wings from FM and a mix of acessories - Stigmas for pve; What is the fast / best way to enchant 'em? I'm using Mountain Crush, Blessing of Stone, Healing Burst, Splash Swing / Word of Inspiration,
  3. I thought all skills could be obtained through crafting. Truth to be told, very easy to get
  4. Pretty simple. It works with non chain skills? Ex: Inescapable Judgement > Mountain Crash Btw, thank you @Aly-DN
  5. How to use custom chain skills? It is a feature i never tried, and that "tutorial" was quite useless to me.
  6. I spent a whole year farming AP and Ceramium Medals for Ambassador R1 gear, and a thousand Infinity shard and runs for full Hyperion pure gear (as casual player). Sold all my time and effort for 1 kinah each piece. I know the feel, bro... Just kept the Marchutan Protector gear, 'cause it has the best skin EVER
  7. We found him yesterday night in FM, right before the boss
  8. There's a lot of information... Seems to me that i have to focus on pve gear right now. I'm pretty sure my old Apollon gear +5 is not enought to run COE properly... One last question: Gear still break at fail enchantment? It's terrifying to think about enchant to +15, then purify, then enchant to +15 again, then again and again
  9. Hello guys! After a few months away trying to find a good place, here i am again. Atreya is my place. Last time i actually played, the game was in the last days of 5.8. I Did logged later, but just to see the new map. Now, i'm back, and it looks like a whole new game. My old gears are crap, there's no essence system, there is the infamous trabsformation system... Anyway, what's the path i should take, regarding to gear up? Is purple gear the new yellow? My main classes were Chanter and SW. Any advice about keep'em or just re-roll ? Is there new currenc
  10. Seems like it worked. The game is loading. The first attempt i tried, i got a pop up saying "Cannot Register Xigncode Module", then i tried again. Right now the game is in the actual loadscreen. Thank you very much @Cheesecake-DN. I'm really really grateful
  11. Hello guys After few months alway, i'm trying to come back to the game. But the game just won't start! I click 'Play Now', the first loading image appears, then close, without reach the actual loadscreen. There's no pop up error. There's no xingcode alert. The launcher just close. I tried everything but re-install the game, and i'm almost giving up Aion once for all. Have any of you experienced something like this? Is there any method to fix it without download the game all over again? should i give up? thank you for reading my english broken post
  12. Sad... i'm returning and still have some vicious mark bought from bcm long time ago.
  13. Hello guys After a break i'm back again. I don't think i can really quit aion >< Last time i played, it was in early 5.1. I already had +10 AC myth gear and still R1 AP gear. Ran some instances and gathered few spinels. Since then i have no idea about the new aspects of the game. So i have some questions: Is woth craft essence core? perhaps buy? wich gear should i head to for PVE? and PVP? recommended stats for endgame (chanter and songweaver)? is there any new method to farm kinah? well, is enough for a while. Sorry for that broken english and t
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