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  1. BDO has the same kind of problems so just skip it and save yourself the time. If you want a safe bet than go play Elder Scrolls Online and/or Guild Wars 2, both games are superior to Aion at this point and actually have a community that isn't complete rubbish to newer players.
  2. Don't worry broski, most of those toxic peeps have low test voices and can't even form a retort when you wipe back at them! I'd say drop some names but I guess that's a no no. Good luck in your next adventures and remember, incels don't represent the real world, yet.
  3. Cause that isn't Belty my dear retarded Deava, Belty is also xfering off the server.
  4. Post a video, a screenshot says nothing to be honest.
  5. Old threads are always fun to bring up! For anyone thinking of coming back, unless you have a group of friends currently playing, stay far far away. Ncwest is being Ncwest and the community at this point in time is making it worst since many are salty at NCwest so like kids, they it take out on fellow players/legions when they can and want drama since they're bored. If drama is your thing and you like to use people, come on in! We have plenty of people that currently do that!
  6. Would people mind posting screenshots and videos of people? I honestly like to rp as a hall monitor and snitch on people, gives me some enjoyment from the game tbh. Cheating is pointless but anything regarding money they take action against pretty quick if you know the right channels and what to say to them >:)
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