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  1. Can please change them so can be traded trough legion wharehouse? Dazzling at this moment are obtained from world bosses that require alliance and they are rare One way right now is trading the gemstone trough broker but as we all know broker bot exist and can steal the effort from an entire faction/league/alliance We need a way to safely transfer gemstones to their rightful owners
  2. the event was giving to much stuff that gonna dissapear on 6.0 for a moment was fun to grind and play but no.... they ruined it! for a moment i though i could catch up to the game and gather with old friends but they do this... increase the coin price all you want but bring it back
  3. although they improved the progression to lvl 75 in this patch. getting to 75 right now sucks really bad. so the population of lvl 75 is low and it slows the endgame gear this homeward bound event should have the exp drops up to 75 like they did to 65 when it was the cap. THAT was supposed to be this event but how it is. is insulting
  4. they give us the early version of 5.8 not the final or a more suitable knowing that we are loose most of what we do on this patch when we get the 6.0 i got an estimate of 2 months the way i play to get all my set/gear upgraded they put unobtainable weapons trough cash shop and that was a nyerk move IMO
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