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  1. Thanks god, finally i can log in to this forum. It always a login failure for me in those days. Ok. Here is the issue i wanted to post even had submitted support ticket but don't seen getting any feedback. About bonus enchantment that player getting compensated in Korea server Got to know that, they have this special privilege that any 70/75 AP gear +15 before 5.6 patch will eligible for bonus level of enchantment which mean that you will have free upgrade of +18/19/20 (not so sure what is the bonus level +3/4/5 that given) gear in 5.6 Why can't we should have such upgrade for those players especially had taken their risk and invested in new AP gear after blown up pieces of them. It seems like this is not evenly fair to player base who had sink in hundred or thousand into a game, please look into this matter seriously. Hereby, I also put up the link from KR update [수정] 업데이트 준비 위원회 첫 번째 활동 안내 - 공지 : plaync 아이온 And also, [AION] 이제는 풀20강이 평균템?? 15강은 100% 성공 그리고 15강이상 가지고있는 템들을 +3강 해주는 이벤트?? 기존 고강유저 제대로뒷통수친 아이온 Due to the login glitch, I hope this is not too late for posting this up Thanks