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  1. So, the free 1 hour every account get needs to be reworked. I see endless of people buying bulk of candys for 75-80k each for a 200k profit ( yes it a 200k profit) and selling in bazilions multiple accounts, 10 accounts its 2m for free basically. Kinah sellers are doing that all day and is geting tiresome, or you guys put a lvl 30 cap vendor or remove the ability to vendor stuff as a free trial siel aura. Either way, you guys need to do something.
  2. Ncwest should stop trying to keep current players and start thinking in bringin new ones. Like lowering the sub price for low pop factions or overall.
  3. Can we please make the candies untradeable? It's kinda sad seen people offering candies to pay for stuff lmao
  4. Give them time, but im pretty sure if we see those players in question online and they didn't do something for us to actually keep track of their gear like blocking the fuction to declined view detail, players who actually play this game will quit.
  5. Yeah they probably won't admit if a gm was involved tbh but for things like this happen takes me back when they dupe bug happened in KR, which ruined the game economy by 2 patches.
  6. Why should i answer for him? He does what he pleases, also literally anything coming from you should be take with a grain of salt. Case closed.
  7. They still have plenty of information to share, and they said actions is still being taken to accounts involved so might take a bit of time to we see who actually is banned.
  8. Nah, you can check name history i have nothing to hide unlike you.
  9. Sure, for posting in an alt account your name is worse than everyones for sure and would have 0 credit, right, golden? Also, theres literally one and only name that is worst than the mentioned above, and he knows who he is but can't post in his main taking shit cause he already have a warning on his main account 🤡
  10. That's some info we like to hear, abusers in question (we all know who they are so no need to quote names) banned, and we are glad to know that the team was not involved in this scandal! Now to track whoever started this and look deep enough to find every item that was made in the process to be removed from the game. Another suggestion that would make the community safe and self aware would be the complete removal of the "Decline view details" option from the game, so we know when those things happens and can help ncwest team to take actions faster than never.
  11. This guys is not thunderspank, its pretty easy to use a name in a social media to take advantage of that name or to ruin the persons name.
  12. We understand that too much information could lead to abuse or even some way to understand what happened to explot it in the future, but, we been around aion for too many years to understand that "we are investigating the players in question" is a lame answer. We repeatedly reported many players who abused, exploited or even used hacks in-game with proof, just to see the player in question logged in the game everyday for years, this lead us to think, are they trully investigating or using the excuse that information is not suppose to be shared just to neglect doing their jobs? I real
  13. If you wrote a ticket asking about paragon stuff and etc, dont be fooled. Support has no clue what's going on in the game, and if they said that they probably just trying to CC the aion community, loki hime nor kibbelz has come to answer anything, so they probably didn't acted at all.
  14. You need gm privileges to use those kind of command to generate item and stuff.
  15. https://imgur.com/a/51AfRDK https://imgur.com/a/hWxraDb Full set with attack +23, yet you have a bit less attack than me and almost 8k crit more than me, not sus at all.
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