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  1. If you've seen them report their names so the support can check in the logs if those players were actually inside demaha during that time.
  2. Siege Schedule Poll

    @Loki You doing more for the game than cyan did for 6 years, thank you alot!
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - July 1, 2020

    I miss when they did survey back in the days asking for siege schedule.
  4. Stop worrying about non factor stuff.
  5. Bugged again

    @Loki Katalam is bugged once again, npcs can't be targetable!
  6. Don't bother trying to explain to this guy, he's the owner of the "kinahATI" "kinahATII" etc He farm arena on his alts to get luna from rewards, that's why hes mad he didn't get any
  7. @Hime we going to get the surveys from event again or it was a 1 time only?
  8. @Hime @Loki KT is bugged once again, NPC's disapearing and some of them can't be clickable, same bug that happened in 7.2.
  9. Power shards

    Been long a time since this bug is happening but my inventory is almost full cause of the new things from this patch and stuff that doesn't stack. Powershards when you run out they don't replace it immediatly even if you have them in the inventory, sometimes (very rarely) the powershards switch.
  10. Platinum Cubic Event

    Hello @Hime I appreciate we starting to have events that awards Platinum Cubicle Bundles, but since we get RANDOM cubic attack/defense from any end-game foe (Stella lab normal and Berunerk Estate) included 1 cubicle bundle is not enough to even scratch the surface. A level 1 requires 180 platinum cubic, attack or defense doesn't matter, getting 1 Platinum Cubicle Bundle its 1/18 of a random boss ( 8 bosses btw) I can do a math to see how many months or maybe years will take us to complete any of those cubics. So i ask to increase the platinum cubicle rewards from events from 1 to 5. ( because its weekly) And the event quests rewards from 3 to 10.
  11. OK my friend, gl on your adventures
  12. They tend to ignore stupid posts with useless information. Most of the instances yes, you can't retune its a one time tunning and if you are lucky with the stats you have to pray for them to come high
  13. You don't have to be a game developer to know how to read the patch notes and info on fan-wiki sites Please delete your post you sound dumb.
  14. Everything you mentioned is working as intended
  15. Aion: Return to Katalam 7.2 Update Feedback

    1 - Platinum cubics are waaay to hard to obtain. 100 Stellium for 5 random platinum cubics is way too much, the best bonuses from the cubics are from the platinum cubics. 2- Hourglass limit should be increased, katalam is the best area to do quests, pvp and etc, being time limited its a huge downsize.