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  1. 1 - Platinum cubics are waaay to hard to obtain. 100 Stellium for 5 random platinum cubics is way too much, the best bonuses from the cubics are from the platinum cubics. 2- Hourglass limit should be increased, katalam is the best area to do quests, pvp and etc, being time limited its a huge downsize.
  2. Partnership with 3rd parties

    I don't think we have an aion staff in ncwest Cyan works as a CM for ncsoft which means other games, aion isn't his main game Hime works for ncsoft and mostly for blade and soul, aion isn't her game either Gideon only show up in the streams of big patches, and even tho hes a developer , every patch we get it requires the korea staff to send us, so i guess hes a dev for other games. Support works for ncsoft, they have no clue how aion works.
  3. The veilenthrone

    Lmao, it really doesnt require any skill or info whatsoever, but info on how the instance works would help a lot, clearly your group needed by the twitch video.
  4. The veilenthrone

    Could say you real cute too but i guess you can't read properly, the only reason for a nerf is 1- Too hard and stressfull instance for a low reward.
  5. The veilenthrone

    CoE you only needed 6 decent geared players to finish it, this new instance its a 18man instance, we can clearly see by the twitch video that what is doing all the work is the over gear + ereshkigal buff in action, no skill or knowledge needed
  6. The veilenthrone

    I understand, but whats the point of having an instance ignored? Which is a major plot on the lore btw. Theres no point to not nerf the instance or w/e Yeah i heard they got a rank A which was a clown fiesta all around, not much of a big deal its basically slam your head on the wall till one time you break it
  7. The veilenthrone

    So, i know its an end-game instance which is suposed to be hard and all, but lets go to the facts: 1- Too hard and stressfull instance for a low reward. 2- PvE items doesn't impact PvP that much. 3- Minimum stats upgrade from PF and IDD to the new gear. 4- No info whatsoever about the instance in any place other than korea streams/videos and fan database. 5- 7.0 is probably by here this year, so the instance which tells the story of how Ereshkigal died will be ignored by 90% of the players database ( i know but theres couple people who likes the lore) I don't know if im the only one thinking about this but i guess if we ask ( it's not much) to ncwest to nerf the instance so we could at least run it couple times a week and prepare for 7.0 without ignoring a content which is not suppose to be ignored. Without further due i would like to ask ncwest for a nerf in the VT instance, just enough to people with ultimate pve gear +5 and weapons/acc +15 could do it without much effort to at least get a couple upgrades ( even tho must of them no one is going to use). @Cyan @Hime Please?
  8. Glitch? Bug? Exploit?

    https://imgur.com/a/3G7YW5M Dont think you can upgrade further ultimate items, so we still waiting on a staff member answer.
  9. NPC event missing.

    Not to mention theres no info on how prestige is aquiring the instance reset, idk if its 1 per account or per char. Jesus christ what a mess, guess ncwest boss doesnt care enough
  10. NPC event missing.

    So we got the https://aioncodex.com/us/item/186020022/ item from a quest. Which in the database could be exchange with a shugo for various rewards, yet theres no npc in lakrum to exchange those. If ncwest is going to nerf events from now on, at least give yourself the trouble to remove couple items from quests or w/e
  11. Weekly Server Maintenance - June 12, 2019

    Can we have a preview on some event rewards? Crafted Fortress Runner - I assume its a mount? [Event] Legendary Manastone Box - Selectable? Ancient Transformation Contract (18 Types) Bundle - Please tell me its selectable one, i only need 1 ancient!
  12. Glitch? Bug? Exploit?

    Well, we all know aion support is generic people working for ncsoft in other games, nothing works there, we have to post in the forum to people see and finally summon Hime or Cyan, like the compensation gear drama in EK. But i will try nonetheless sending a ticket to support.
  13. Glitch? Bug? Exploit?

    Yes the item was in his view detail window, no memo pad glitch or nothing, but now the guy himself blocked view details.
  14. Glitch? Bug? Exploit?

    Bracelet with 6 manstones slot and 4 manastones socketed
  15. Glitch? Bug? Exploit?

    Hello, i come here again to bring a possible exploit to the game or a bug i don't even know anymore. My friend sent this screenshot on discord yesterday and when i woke up today i saw it, thought it was my just woke up sleep fooling me but after i checked it twice i noticed something wrong. Without further due heres something for you guys see and try to enlighten me on this subject: https://gyazo.com/dbcc56b669e02c04226c8b8ab7c746cc I'm able to every kind of opinion as long as it is decent, otherwise i guess its time to summon hime after the 2 years vacation from the forum. Thanks!