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  1. Frigida pfhm, new record?

    https://gyazo.com/23ffb4fb166991cb73fffc0f77e6e842 Making fans whenever i go, i should make a onlyfans for sure, auto attack doesn't get too much afected by frigida debuff hence glads should be using duals wields, but hey i might add a tutorial in my onlyfans aswell, thanks for the input.
  2. Frigida pfhm, new record?

    Yeah @Gideon take a look on this don't look the other way about this, everyone knows is literally impossible to do frigida without a templar and 8min enrage timer makes her 1 shot everyone in group with auto attack.
  3. Frigida pfhm, new record?

    https://myaion.eu/PvESession/14867 Frigida enrage timer: 8:00min Undoable without templar, even with a AT tanking. Need at least 4m heal during a 6min fight. Discuss.
  4. New anniversary coin

    So we need to stay afk 5hours to not even get enough for 1 try? That doesn't sound right
  5. New anniversary coin

    @Loki @Kibbelz Is the amount of anniversary coin usage in the machine correct? I mean using 11 coins to gamble 1 time we can make like 13 with weekly + daily only so thats 1 gamble per week?
  6. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 9, 2020

    Thanks @Kibbelz looking forward to it, also can you ask the dev team if the 100% loot drop buff from the berdin and the one from the server event works for chest loots? Just wondering if we should spam PFHM when the anniversary buff hits so we can try to get more loot.
  7. Weekly Server Maintenance - September 9, 2020

    When we are going to see the something about this info:
  8. New buff event.

    The lugbug pve buff from daily, and we have limited number of buffs, so if for exemple have 10 buffs at the same time the oldest one is removed from the buff bar, which is usually the buff from the event.
  9. New buff event.

    Hi @Loki and @Kibbelz Me and my group just joined pfhm we got the shugo from the start for the buff, someone who entered late could'nt get the buff. Not to mention the buff overlap, we lost the buff due to the limited amount of buffs we can have at once. Any fix on this or its an event that we can just ignore
  10. Transformation Update

    So if we combine 6 times with 2 legendary, if we fail we get another legendary, does this legendary we get by failing counts towards the other combinations? How can we keep track of how many failed legendaries we used?
  11. Prestige is a must

    So if everything is suppose to be ignored why do they even bothered to put on the machine?
  12. Prestige

    Still they have ascencion jelly buff ( gives 500 pve atk 500 pve defense and 10000hp) They have the Crimson Katalam artefact buff ( we can't cause if we enter an instance the artefact disappear)
  13. Prestige is a must

    What about new players that need daeva essences, daevanion skills, minium, enchants? Platinum cubic is for an end-game player, the amount of prestige you earn to start gearing up be it an alt or a new player is really low.
  14. Prestige is a must

    Hey @Kibbelz and @Loki First of all, thanks for the update on the prestige machine we now have a huge variety of items to choose, i had lots of prestige coins saved from years since we didn't had anything special to buy. But here's the problem now, the demand is high and the income is low, we get around 100 daily by staying logged in, 100 by doing harelyn mines on alts, thats 1300 weekly if we have 12 alts. If possible in the near future: 1- Increase the amount of prestige coins we get by doing prestige quests, we can earn around 100 prestige coins by doing prestige instances which is not much nowdays since we need alot coins for the shop now. 2- Increase the amount of prestige coins we get by staying logged in 3- Increase prestige coins drops from world mobs or add them to bosses loot pool. Im sure theres tons of other ideas laying around if anyone want to add up. Thank you!
  15. Server Maintance

    Fixing siege time