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  1. @Kibbelz @Loki 31 runs so far, 0 necks 4-5 belts 6rings 5 earrings.
  2. Hi @Kibbelz and @Loki Enjoying the patch so far with lots of open world pvp, new pve content and the new server location improvement. I would like to ask if the drop rate from PFHM is nerfed or something, we did 10 runs and only 1 earrings dropped, before we could get at least 2-3 acc since its 4 boss total meaning we get 20 chances of loot, 1 in 20 seems a pretty bad rate to me, so please check it up! Thankyou
  3. Thanks Loki, but disabling the PIN should't be a fair workaround? Is that possible?
  4. Yeah but they can easily disable it, it's just a matter of admitting the bug and the lack of knowledge to fix it. @Kibbelz @Loki
  5. Eta when is fixed or disabled?
  6. Pin bug? Any chance of deactivating the pin while you guys can't fix it? It's becoming a joke how a game that was big as any mmo before fall down to a game where devs can't fix a bug that prevent players from playing.
  7. https://gyazo.com/23ffb4fb166991cb73fffc0f77e6e842 Making fans whenever i go, i should make a onlyfans for sure, auto attack doesn't get too much afected by frigida debuff hence glads should be using duals wields, but hey i might add a tutorial in my onlyfans aswell, thanks for the input.
  8. Yeah @Gideon take a look on this don't look the other way about this, everyone knows is literally impossible to do frigida without a templar and 8min enrage timer makes her 1 shot everyone in group with auto attack.
  9. https://myaion.eu/PvESession/14867 Frigida enrage timer: 8:00min Undoable without templar, even with a AT tanking. Need at least 4m heal during a 6min fight. Discuss.
  10. So we need to stay afk 5hours to not even get enough for 1 try? That doesn't sound right
  11. @Loki @Kibbelz Is the amount of anniversary coin usage in the machine correct? I mean using 11 coins to gamble 1 time we can make like 13 with weekly + daily only so thats 1 gamble per week?
  12. Thanks @Kibbelz looking forward to it, also can you ask the dev team if the 100% loot drop buff from the berdin and the one from the server event works for chest loots? Just wondering if we should spam PFHM when the anniversary buff hits so we can try to get more loot.
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