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  1. How aion now?

    Lol why?
  2. How aion now?

    Hi, I didn’t play aion long time and thinking to come back how aion is now?
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 7, 2018

    I kept my all temparing just for this week lol thx for the info
  4. Weekly Server Maintenance - February 7, 2018

    I dont think its the same event like two weeks ago they didnt said anything about plums and to make the cards npc to dissappear 10 min before maintance that was mean from ncsoft... I loged 10 min before maintace and couldnt use my cards But someone know if this event effect failling to pluse plumes?
  5. Lvl 66+ Cleric gear help

    I used blood mark mace the enternal one until I got BoS mace so every mace will work
  6. Cleric dps set BoS or AP

    I done first the block shild to +10 or +15 then I went to my MR set to +10 as start and in the same time I +5 / +10 my MB set with shining enchent stone and not omegas, the maces I dont enchent only mb mace / staff I will enchent because when u enchent mace u get only mb and attack
  7. The Giving Grove Returns Reward List

    about the event reward the hyperion box and ac box... why cant we trade them? or at least put in account wherhouse? I wish I could give those box to another toon I have I mean after u gear up its kind of useless and its waste just to throw it
  8. Cleric dps set BoS or AP

    Ty for the help, after I saw how the 5.8 ap set work I think I will wait with pvp mb set and just upgrade as fast as I can MR set, and use bos or apollon for mb pve for now... maybe I will get another arena set to try it for pvp dps Btw there is point in enchenting mr or block set? (I enchent mine always) buts its not give more mr or block
  9. Cleric dps set BoS or AP

    So what u think will be better chioce for mb set? The anoying part in ap set for mb is that we need ap set for mr set so it 2 ap sets... but with ap set u can dps too unlike bos but with BoS set we will get more mb... I got to much confused
  10. my friend got prime weapon and I dont sure what will be the best to fuse it with... what will be the best? I thought about frigida or prov weapon or another prime one. thx for all the helps
  11. We need to talk about the Chanter...

    Any class is OP if u know how to play it....
  12. Lvl 66+ Cleric gear help

    gear for what u want HP or DPS? for pve u can get AoE, CoE, Frigida, IS, DD and BoS sets, I didnt like very much AoE set so I went stright for Apollon (CoE) or Frigida set for dps (I know someone who dps with lvl 75 AP sets that give him amzings stat too) and for HP u can use IS DD or BoS I dont like AoE and CoE sets for healing because IS have more healing boost then that but from what I heared BoS set have better healing boost then DD so u can get this too. AC is very nice start too then u can go for CoE for the apollon About MB sets I know people who se arena sets too and that give them very good stat too... so from what I know MB set are AC, CoE (apollon), Frigida, AP (usualy people take it as MR sets too), Arena (usualy people take it for block), and BoS set For HP I recomended: IS DD or BoS sets but every thing start for the AC set to enter IS u need 16k hp at least so AC will give u that, for DD u need to get full set for +10 at least (from what I heared allthought I make DD allinace long time but that never mind me the +0 or +10 only if the cleric have enugh HP or not) for BoS its hard to know not a lot of people run it lol (All that is my opinion some cleric may not agree with me )
  13. Cleric MR set

    I know it will be nice to have every things in +15 haha, its more easy but will take time
  14. Cleric MR set

    I so someone who got those stat from +15 or +20 I dont remember but anyway to get those lvl 65 thing for 4k mr take so much time that will not be worth it will be more easy to get lvl 66+ things.... I just hate that cleric gears drop is so much low, and the prices for cleric gears is so much high then other chain sets (in that last time I checked broker )
  15. What happened to the drops in iluma / norsold?

    so ur problem that I could make a lof of metrials because I killed mobs fast? lol I know people who farmed 4 hours and got one pice... maybe I need to chhange my location anyway I got tired from that meanless "fight" I will just get things in my ways haha, have fun all and I hope I can kill mobs just for fun and still to get things. Btw if I killing elite mobs lvl 80 they still drops thing?