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  1. I play Elyos on IS and I am going to say that I fully believe and support the people who are talking about a lower Asmo population. While leveling in Elyos zones it might not be that apparent because Asmos definitely DO exist, they're frequently rifting. I got ganked FREQUENTLY while leveling. But that is where it stops. I like to joke that there are more Asmos in Eltnen/Heiron than there are in the Abyss or in their own zones. Every time I've rifted over to Beluslan it's been difficult to find people to engage in PvP. The number of Asmos in the Abyss has been slowly increasing but it's
  2. Isn't it normal for Koreans to 1v6 people? 😂 In all seriousness, NCSoft won't do anything about anyone using bots/hacks if you don't send them a web report with video proof of said actions taken by the player. I once experienced a templar on your faction who somehow gained the ability to teleport behind his target whenever he was rooted or out of range of said target. I know I would need to have video proof of it to prove it to the devs though. So until people start doing that, we are going to have to deal with people who might be using hacks.
  3. I keep wondering where people have heard that Classic stops at 2.7, since Korea isn't even that far yet. Did NCSoft say that was when it would stop? I really miss 3.0, tbh. The fact that they removed Sarpan and everything related and we will never get to play it again sucks.
  4. I think most people realize that a group of characters running in a straight line in the same pattern and killing the same mobs repeatedly in the same order, never taking any actions an actual player would take like stopping, sitting, jumping, etc...are bots and not multiboxers. And if I wanted to be sarcastic, I would say, yeah I'm sure Aalhhfff, Ihahsdfff, Sdddddf, Haaalhffff, and Ddddddfff are just a multiboxer. XD Glad to hear bots are actively being banned but I'd feel better about it when I don't see the bots I'm reporting for auto hunting running around in 40-50 areas anymore.
  5. There are actual players, even in some of the top legions who have been seen botting. Others using radar and teleport hacks. It's getting kind of ridiculous now. Like, what do we have to do at this point to get actual cheaters banned? I feel like NC expects you to just take video of EVERYTHING and sent reports in about it with the video proof in order for them to actually do something, even about bots that belong to gold selling companies.
  6. I do want them to raise the vendor limit because higher level players are naturally going to get more expensive drops and be able to easily reach it, but at the same time, if they did this they would have to actually ban the bots or it's just going to make the situation worse. I've seen bots running around in the level 40+ areas frequently and I always report them for auto hunting but they're always still out there the next day. If the bots are allowed to get to higher levels and not get banned and they got their vendor limits raised too it would just add to the gold selling problem.
  7. Is it per account in total, or per server on the account? If I play on Israphel, and want to also play characters on Siel will I still be held to the 1 mil vendor sales on the account, or can I make 1 mil per server per day?
  8. This was working great for me up until today and then when they did maintenance something changed and now things are getting through my filter even when I can see the exact phrases the sellers are using in my .dat file. I don't understand what changed.
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