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  1. Follow up on Evergale Fix you all received?!

  2. Skins on bcm

    AGREE WITH @Bread-DN ALL YEAR WAITING FOR NICE WINTER SKINS LIKE WARM PANDA PADDING (OR ANY OF ITS VARIATIONS) OR FROZEN ARISTOCRACY, so sad @Cyan fix now, or our money staying in our pockets this holidays hehehehehehhe
  3. fix ib bugs PLEASE

    @Whiskershot-EK there's no way this guy Tiffany is serious, or he has never gotten stuck or step on the buff 1hour before the enemy and magically the enemy ends up having it somehow, this instance does need a fix as it is one of the main ways to get geared, @Cyan any word on this, are you guys aware that this instance is full of bugs and invisible walls
  4. @Cyan can we get Motion's the dragon's set back on the BCM, its been years since we had it.
  5. Soooo about that EC status hmm?

    can someone make a spreadsheet of how many materials/ap/stones are we going to get based off of what we have missed for not being able to do EC, counting them all as wins, thanks