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  1. While they choose to fix a few problems many still exist and seem to be ignored. It shouldn't take 1 2/2 hrs. some days to get ongame. You get loading game to 100 % and then sticks at aion no responding to complete loadup---VERY frustrasting. This has been going on since they brought this new launcher in. Just about to call this quits because a bunch of amateurs seem to be running things. Also ncsoft seems to dc you from time time time--that is particular accounts as we run a few in my household. They don't deal with problems most times know, they say post it in the forums. I guess beca
  2. Hate this patch- the LAG is so bad can't do much. Game not really palyable when it seems elys have no trouble running and killing me and I cant get skills off with the lag==6sec. delay and they call this a game. Nope not anymore. Seems to be very onesided and who they cater to.
  3. Do you think they ever read this? NC soft has remove things from the game which is really stupid. The low level skins are untradeable even though there are some nice ones, as well as paint pots, dye pots. We all now have limited furniture s construction removed. WHAT are they thinking, or do they think. The emotes and stuff listed were hot sellers now I supp in this free to play they want you to buy on the BCM.
  4. I in Asmo Danaria and looking to see if anyone has partitions for sale and as well the fine onelayer or double layer windows. Anyone have pm on the server. If I had know would have got more when was available.
  5. Crafting was fun especially construction. Nowgone and not any fun things left. Also not sure why they removed the paint blooms. They could have left that with a npc to purchase as before.
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