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  1. Yes, this bug have a few weeks going. Last week the whole KnightZM's alliance was bugged and we were not able to quick queue or post in evergale for the rest of the week. Many of us made the actual reports but there's no positive answer yet. As other people stated, everybody should be helping with this matter, as evergale is pretty much the main source of mats for purification and you can simply lose the whole week by this bug.
  2. @Cyan We already have so little time to complete the instance in Rank S with the current settings, why would you want us to waste more time waiting for every player on the team to break / loot the box with the real instance timer running?. This supposed to be preparations prior the instance, just like we choosed our classes in the Daeva Dash event. Would it make sense to place all the statues to the other side of the door?.
  3. Hello Cyan, this Power Up event will be the same as we had before which includes accessories, stigmas and essence core? or it will include bracelet and plume as well?.
  4. @Cyan Hey Cyan, are we going to have a server rollback? or things are going to stay just like they are after the emergency maintenance?. I want to know so I can do my instances without having the feeling I'm loosing all in a few hours.
  5. So, I saw you guys included the harvester purification stones. Could you add the prime gear stones as well?. To be honest it's being a real problem to get them because of the amount of AFK players on evergale, so, in the meantime it would be really awesome if you could give us some in this event. Think about it, please.
  6. @Cyan That rewards list is outdated, right?. I hope its just a post error or something :(.
  7. Hello @Cyan is there any solution for the illuma instant disconnection issue?, this problem reappeared to me after being able to log in normally in illuma for weeks. I need help
  8. I'm getting disconnected ("You are disconnected from the game server.") right after accepting terms of service in the main screen. It seems like you guys have blocked all the servers from some popular ping reducers, I'm using Mudfish, is anyone else having the same issue?.
  9. I have to say that I agree with most people complaining on this topic. We are tired of random actions taken at the very last moment not according with the event / post informations. I was also planning to use these last 6 hours buff + 100% server buff, now I see the experience was halved because this buff is not multiplicative. I'm terrified by the lack of experience you guys have regarding server / game configurations, It needs to be said. It seems like you guys have nightmares when you need to change small details into the current game patch, you gotta do something about it for th
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