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  1. Decreased drop rate of ‘Titan coins’ and ‘Titan coin pieces’ of Inggison and Gelkmaros areas. @Kibbelz Who was the supreme being who had the brilliant horrible idea of decreasing titan coin drop rate. This is having a very negative impact. Players should not be hold back. Please, check with @Hime if this item of the recent patch can be revised asap.
  2. Please @Hime , if possible, please contact NCWest Staff, if could add more features and options into Luna Menu content in the future,
  3. Support Ticket Number Request #22223696 thank you!
  4. Dear @Cyan I managed to use 2 (two) Character Transfer Tickets , and they were good to go from Katalam to Danaria servers, yesterday , before server maintenance period. I checked all my transfering characters, there are no restrictions applied to them, they are not in a legion, no items pending on broker nor in shared account space slots, and no friend list conflicts either. They all set to go after the server shutdown. However, elyos characters didn't move after maintenance mode, please i need your help.
  5. Hey @Nyinu-KR (good morning), As a player, it was very painful to watch anniversary buff being foiled the way it was. Nothing can be done and if we dare to try to do something to fix it here, we end up being accused of being trouble-makers, offenders, drama-queens, gamers that don't know how to write, among other things. So eventually, we have to let it go. Hopefully, a new team in the future will be more community friendly. Play with friends is the best i can do now. Receiving a free hammer ban in the face for something nobody cares no more is not worth it. Cheesecake
  6. tried to lower all the graphic options and settings, SFT continues to cause game client to crash. The daily run is lost.
  7. Also, another question, is there any rumor and/or information of having the upcoming second sub-class of the muse in patch 6.1 ? Thanks.
  8. yes, @Delicat-BR It is happening to this edition of SFT (game client crash) We lose the daily run.
  9. Cheesecake, whatever you say, we'll obey. just saying.
  10. CheeseCake, you are the reason why we play Aion for so many years. I remember long ago you in Pandemonium capitol and messing around. Everybody loved you in LFG back then, including me!
  11. Not at all, Mister Cheesecake. Actually your post were very, very nice and kind. Lessons learnt. I appreciate your advise very much. Thank you indeed.
  12. a) there is nothing wrong if the contract & workplace allows you to change shifts (if you are enable compensate later and enjoy your favorite game one more day, it's great) b) i found very strange, hating people because they're asking for one more extra day of server buff ? how bizarre c) ironically, one simple answer we're waiting for can end this saga threat for good, since i believe even @Cyan is already tired of this also. Yes, who knows, in future events, server buffs might come back. Or No, we are sorry but your petition will not proceed no more. Done. Closed. End of histor
  13. Enable server buff back. Listening to Aion community is not a weakness. On the contrary, Aion Staff team will get much stronger after all this. Making community happy was the core purpose of Anniversary event. Many MMO Podcasts on internet, for example, do consider very well when players are actually heard, Make the right decision.
  14. Eliminating event buff on purpose was not cool. Quitting all this buzz & drama is so easy. Restore server buff. Let Aion community celebrate until October 4. Many people altered their schedule in jobs to enjoy more this last week event. Be responsable.
  15. if Aion plans to be the best mmo around, it should restore those daily big fat l00ts the game really had in its glorious past. Even those ever-ending hours grinding mobs was fun because it dropped so many items. Even non-rare armors were enough to transform into kinah or enchantment stones. I truely hope these amazing days of Aion come back. It would be awesome to play the game again.
  16. We are losing faith. @Hime is our last and only hope now.
  17. I was planning to buy Berdin's lucky stars for this event [ no trolling here ] now its ruined. Turning up server xp like it was supposed to, would really be amazing and boost it up as the event was meant to be.
  18. They actually don't care about anything at all no more. It is clear by now they're not even truely willing to listen to aion community. After Red Code missing NPC xp buff fiasco we though it would get better, it is getting much worse. Announcing one thing and doing another. Perhaps NCSoft should take a closer look of how poorly handed those N.A. servers are being managed. And find someone else who is not interested in destroying the gameplay experience. It is not good for business.
  19. Wait, What the hell is going on here? What you guys think you are doing? jesus, Turn event buff back on, today is not October 4. If you don't know how to fix it, find someone else up to the job.
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