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  1. seriously it takes like 3 hours to reach level 76 yall will complain about anything, its nyerking like 1 luna daily worth of tokens, please whine about an actual problem
  2. "This issue will be fixed on January 16, and this Wednesday we'll put out a survey containing 16 days of material boxes for you all to claim." -Cyan Also yay enchanting buffs! Crafting boost even would be very nice tho, considering how boring the game is right now.
  3. thanks for the info! definitely not opening wallet for this event
  4. oh my god guys let the boy live, obviously rage isnt helping anyway, rage didnt get anything done the last 2 months
  5. Thanks for feedback, good to hear that there are plans in motion even without a timeframe
  6. I know youre probably not the guy who'd end up doing it but seriously, how hard is it? Other games that are NOT aion can turnover fixes like this in like.... 15 minutes... and on this official server that has a sub to play it takes 5 weeks? Explain to me because i really dont understand
  7. Any chance we can get ninja/hover/dragon motions on store? and perhaps some skin sets such as denku skin set? Theyre currently unobtainable on EK and are pure vanity that people would pay good ncoin for. Seems easy enough to add back with no downsides
  8. well if they banned anyone who used it there would only be like 4 BRs and SacrificialPower-SL left
  9. yes you are allowed to use wtfast/leatrix etc
  10. stop ruining ur events + game and we wont have to whine about it and make drama in that particular weeks server maint thread
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