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  1. I legit can't count how many times people somehow "see" and follow me in shadow walk when I've cast it out of range that they would be able to see and even flying they shouldn't be able to follow my exact location. Every time I get the Abyss pvp daily I cringe knowing I have to deal with the vast amount of radar hackers when the element of surprise is my only help. If I could do it all over again .. I should have stayed 40 .. the abyss sucks as a sin GG, flying .. oh awesome half my skills don't work in the air .. oh you have charge? you're a chanter? awesome .. lol. -_- Ready
  2. It would be hilarious if all the big ap traders were completely stripped and reset in level 1 gear #Thegriffonstrikesagain ya'll I'm pretty sure the Griffin is really a GM watchin ya'll in the abyss catchin ya'll. Maybe the Griffin is Kibblez ;D
  3. I miss my sin's wonder girl dance lol - make aion classic great and add wondergirl dances again or let us transfer them over
  4. But really this Griffin broke D;
  5. Legit why is NCsoft not stripping gear for ap traders?
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