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  1. Its a good initiative, but the hacker lovers gonna say MyAionDPS isnt valid because it is a third party program, and also u cant expose people on forums.. so Loki proly gonna temp ban you :)
  2. They give us aways the same response.. "We gonna pretend to investigate these players, but dont expect anything.. we dont really gonna do anything"
  3. May i remember you that DN-ASMO isnt the only server in the game and you arent the only player in the entire game, Gregg? Congrats for your weapons and all your greedy, but this problem is happening with EVERY SERVER, not just your belly button
  4. And just to remember, Im not trying to justify the abuse. Everyone know we have 2 runs and even if u got kicked from the run, u could just do ur 2 runs and quit. Thats the true and no one can doubt. But its So F**** up from NC to ban people, even temporaly, when 15~20% of the population abuse of HACKS and EVERYONE know that. And NC dont do ANYTHING with people who use that. This post isnt to justify about the EC ban, its just to remember everyone how NC is negligent with the game https://www.myaion.eu/Ranking/NA
  5. I got 14 days ban. Dont got notice of any perma yet. People who got temp banned will seriously consider before exploit anything again. Those 14 days gonna prejudice everyone on actual season, the next season, and not gonna participate in the event as well, even after spend THOUSAND of dolars. Everyone knows that if NC perma ban everyone who exploited, definitely wont be good for financials $$$$, and people who are banned will suffer worse than a perma ban, its the feel of loose 2 months of contribution, kinnah, friends and stuff.. for some people this was VERY painful. Lets carry on c
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