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  1. @cyan suggestions

    yes we need exactly what you post BBson give us teh event we give you money or NC have too much money doesn;t need our money ?
  2. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 11, 2020

    Also you NC people should have know that already shugo sweep doesn't give you money in any patch . is like you notice your business going down and you asking people to come cry with you ncsoft because you guys make stupid decision on event . you guys need to hire someone like EU server event promoter or whatever you call them . every time i look at their event i am drilling wanna spent alot of money to get my shit up spent my money on it but with event you guys have i barely , buying much nc coin now a day .
  3. Weekly Server Maintenance - March 11, 2020

    You noobs need to stop being stupid fighting in post in here move to another place , let this place be like a suggestion for good events suggestion and we just want Cyan to see what we like to have in upcoming event thanks, we need all that p2w event please thanks . the one that you gusy make the most money off one of those event whatever that is bring it on @cyan i am ready to spent some money my cash falling off my pocket imao , what kinda dumb ass event is shugo sweep who tho of that event need to kill himself .
  4. EC compensation ? it is been almost 2 month!

    i don't understand your logic for those people asking for reward when other people got ban by using the exploit and you guys just being normal in game it won't make sense if NC reward you something . the best thing you will get out of that is have less people playing the game and this game is slowly dying everyday with this ban the server will be alot of quite i really hope NCsoft know what are they doing lol , putting a ban hammer on big spender it only means NCsoft pushing other player to other game to going to play EU with less money better rewards.
  5. EC compensation ? it is been almost 2 month!

    And you are so damm right MiphaBae hwo hard is it for Ncsoft to turn off that check box to make EC can not kick people out of instance problem solved why are you guys so lazy to take 5 min works turn off kick option instead to be using 500 hrs to go thru banned people for 2 month time wasted if you guys need in game suggestion person i can be a online GM or CM What M to help you lazy ppls seatting all day in office waiting to report from other player
  6. EC compensation ? it is been almost 2 month!

    Now that all the good player is gone in game because the EC shit , Cyan did or NCsoft make a decision to ban all these people the game is even more quite , most of what NC soft seeing online is 5) or 60% of bots on line not real human playing the game , and the game is s already slowly dieing you guys bann the player that pays your game to run better and you guys ban the pay to win ppls , who is gonna support this game with money do NC soft even check who pays this game and think about how you guys make money off this game ? you guys really need to check how much money those ppls spend in your game and not pushing them to quit the game and go play other games , and if the game mostly have none pay gamers how long do we think this game last give us a guess .