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  1. Jut curious if there is a way to not PVP in this game? I really like this game, and have now leveled into the '30s, but I have no interest in PVP. I would hate to leave this game, but if I can't play and enjoy myself without the risk of PVP, I will go back to EQ. I really like this game otherwise.
  2. Thank you sooo much! That worked and I was able to complete the quest. Now to level all of my characters above 16 lol
  3. Hi, I have been trying to play this game for years, and it seems that I always get stuck at the tutorial with Daedalus for flying, and I give up. A year later, I try again and still fail. Another year later, and I am ready to try again, but I am still not able to do the quest. It isn't bugged or anything, it just lacks basic instructions. For example, I am supposed to fly through the rings in a set amount of time ... okay. Now, here are my issues ... nowhere does it tell me HOW to open my wings, HOW to fly up, or HOW to FLY at ALL! PLEASE help!!!
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