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  1. "We've got some changes rolling out this week" you said, @Cyan. So these are the changes? Lol...
  2. Lol, so it`s because you`re running a 32 Aion version on a 32 bit OS?
  3. I hope you are getting all of the send logs I`m getting on this event, because it happened on EVERY SINGLE RUN I done today. This has been happening on every single kromede event you`ve done these past years. No solution at all? Please, SOLVE THIS, SO ANNOYING!
  4. It was in game! I got it! It worked! Thank you so much!
  5. Signy, which menu are you talking about? In game menu, NVIDIA menu, w10 menu?
  6. Oh, the first video is the number 4 change that I performed on my notebook... Like I said on the post, it solved the problem for about 10 minutes. Right after it, fps came down to 30...
  7. Vantheria, if you could please check which option it is, I'd be grateful. I didn't find any option like this on NVIDIA Panel
  8. Hi, Some days ago, I made a post here where I thought I was having problems with my NVIDIA Panel. But, after really understanding the problem, I can really tell what's happening. It looks like I got a w10 update on 20 and 25 of July. So, since this last date, I've been having a problem where my FPS is caped at 25. My gpu is working normally, but I won't get the amount of FPS I would normally get (which would be from 60-75). Probably, it's some w10 config that has changed, but I can't figure out what it is. I already looked on the internet, and some other folks are getting the sa
  9. Thanks a lot fpr the help! I performed a clean uninstall of my graphic drivers and it's working out just fine. I'll try this for now. If I get another problem, I'll use this info you searched for me! Ty very much!
  10. I have a Dell Inspiron 7567. Do you have any guideline I could follow when I get to BIOS?
  11. Hi, Recently, I bought a SSD and installed on my notebook. I, then, uninstalled Aion from my HD and downloaded the game, installing it on my SSD. When I got in the game, I found my FPS to be way lower than I expected. I started looking out for the problem I was having. I right clicked the Aion Launcher and I figured out it was using my Intel Graphics 630 GPU, not my GTX 1050 TI. I tryed changing it by right clicking Aion, choosing "Run with Graphics Processor" and then clicking on "Change Graphics Processor" (Currently, it`s choosen Integrated Graphics) . By doing this, NVIDIA Panel opens up
  12. Hi guys, do you know why are we (other people are getting it too) DC on SFT? I use lag reducer. Seem`s like it`s related to it or to something else. Thing is, sometimes I do SFT a bunch of times and get no DC. Sometimes, I log in to game and it gives me DC right at the beginning. Thanks for the help
  13. Hey Guys, these past days I`ve been getting a lot of dc. Don`t know what`s happening. I already got my drivers updated, I ran Files Check of Aion, did everything. The problem isn`t with the internet, since everything else is working fine. The thing is, I`m playing normally and, out of nowhere, I get DC. After that, I can`t log in, it says I cannot connect to server. Any ideas? After about 20 minutes, I can log in again. But, some time after it, I get DC again... And the same thing happens.
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