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  1. where is version 6.0

    No offense meant but as on April 4th you were saying you were a noob who didn't know what type of accessories an AT would use if you're bored already perhaps Aion isn't for you....
  2. Siege Timing

    I have usually given NCSoft the benefit of the doubt and I rarely complain but scheduling upper abys fort siege an hour earlier during the weekly invasion for Asmodians????? How does that make ANY sense what so ever???? Anyone able to explain that to me?

    As stated in the other thread. Everyone committed the same infraction. Some did it more times. In our society each instance of the breaking of the rule is measured with increasing penalities for repeated offences. Like many sorts 1 infraction warning, 2 penalty, 3 removed from game. Foul... Yellow card... Red card... In soccer terms
  4. Locked accounts - FALLEN POETA

    Your example is flawed. To use your extreme example you need to look at it like this. You killed one person 10 years... 2 people... 100 years 3 people...death. Or more accurately Steal 10 dollars warning steal 100 restitution and probation. Steal 1000 jail time and restitution. Steal 1 million Prison, restitution, and punitive damages Differing levels of abuse call for different punishment. Did it once warning... did it 347 times Ban. Did it 34623 times... Perma ban