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  1. the hacks are real o3o if he isn't idk what it is

    Don't worry, I don't see any kind of cheat or strange things. Duraznito is from Argentina, just like me ... here we play with 170 / 200ms, everything related to the rank or position are latancia errors, the communication svr client. On the other hand, it shows that he has a lot more hands to play than you. Your level of management is beginner, without offense. To practice and learn, there is no other.
  2. Gladiator OW PvP - Bye Bye 7.3, welcome 7.5

    I forgot, the red buff is from Sheba
  3. Gladiator OW PvP - Bye Bye 7.3, welcome 7.5

    At the time I recorded, most of these sequences only had BM +6 +10. Currently I have half of the Dark Talon +15 pieces (the most important ones), the rest continues in BM + 6 +10. You don't have to have the Ferocious Earthquake upgraded to have the pull effect, the description omits this.
  4. New PvP video with my new Toon created in 7.3 ... Don't expect much, it only has BM Set + 6 / + 10.