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  1. How long was it down? I just went to sleep after the server said down
  2. @Cyan how if at all will we be compensated for AP? Will everyone be getting the same amount or what was actually played for? Do I have to submit a ticket? I’d like to know something so I’m not wasting my time when I could be doing something else.
  3. If they can’t fix the problem, how will they know how much ap/go to give out?
  4. @Cyan with that being said can you discuss changing the gp gained from actual pvp instances, gp is for getting xforms used in pvp siege/open world pvp. Instances IB - you don’t even get to use your own skills ID - kinda pvp In here but if you can out dps boss - pve for the win. Recommend changing the instances that give you gp to arena of disapline and harmony - where u actually gave to pvp in.
  5. What's a good number for important stats for sw/sm/sorc? Anything helps min lvl, avg lvl, max if there is one, and for both pve and pvp?
  6. idk if its just bad luck for me, but it seemed enchanting ancient gear has been noticeable worse the last 2 weeks and also the shugo in bos has been abscent, but for the enchanting goes i feel that it was quietly made worse so next week will seem better ... idk might just be me
  7. Keep in mind its the holiday season. People are shopping and doing friends/family/work activities. Also, lots of ppl are on alts now since running out of things to do on your main comes quite quickly. Possibly with word that enchanting rates "might" get better before 6.5 some might be waiting around for something easier. I feel lots still play but it's come to; do the few things you can and than move on to alts if you work more than 1 or a couple toons. I don't believe 1-2 toons can keep an active player satisfied thus resulting thinking the game is dying.
  8. Seems now you have to do do all your campaigns when stuck at 55. As soon as I finished my last Inggison campaign I leveled to 56. Note: had to relog a couple times because the campaign said I need to do regional quests, relog to get the quest to update.
  9. not something i intend to do again, i was only making a point to those that say you can't afk. and furthering my comment of lowering the gp requirement and increasing the gain was bad because people can precisely do that and it was alot of ppl afking not only me, i'd much prefer winning to keep ranks keep up if u knew my previous position on this topic
  10. ya is just got gp for doing nothing..afk the whole time.. tell me can't afk siege again pffff know it alls
  11. i want new ppl to get the ability to transform... and get rid of all the rubbish high ranks that do shit... new ppl might to somethings ... its better than nothing... and now they are giving the option back to ppl to afk rank... seriously... @Rapier-DN u don't understand
  12. just bad... now u allow afks back in... keep the lowered gp requirement BUT DO NOT higher the gain per siege at least
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